The Background on SpectraSweep™

In order to understand the SpectraSweep™ technology, it is important to understand the principles that this technology is based upon.

  • Each person emits a unique electromagnetic signature.
  • All human cells combine their energy work to provide a person’s electromagnetic signature.
  • Each human cell operates like a battery and is capable of balancing itself when fully charged.
  • It has been suggested that the polarity of the affected cell can be changed and electrical balance restored to the state of wellness.
  • Cells in the body have polarity with north and south poles similar to the earth. Balanced cells naturally push away from each other on their own ability. However, when cell polarity goes out of balance, the magnetic poles start attracting each other.  This causes cells to clump together, creating a blockage.
  • Energy blocks caused by cells malfunctioning and attracting to each other allows unhealthy bio-terrain to develop.

The LBG/ST-8 with the improved SpectraSweep™ emits light photons that transfers the appropriate frequencies to the blocked area, allowing the cells to improve their electromagnetic field (EMF) charge. The cells balance their charged condition and separate from the binding agent, enabling the cells to return to their normal, healthier state.

Features and Benefits 

  • Individualized.  The body absorbs what’s needed to reach optimal health and ignores all other frequencies.
  • Capable of handling people’s diverse electromagnetic fields.
  • Full range of frequencies above the three basic groups of frequencies.
  • Richer range of harmonics with a constant intensity across the range of frequencies.
  • Deeper penetration of skin’s surface.
  • Improves the well-being of the cell’s health more efficiently and rapidly.
  • Faster detoxification period for a larger and more diverse population.

Differences between the LBG/ST-8 Mode and SpectraSweep™ Mode



LBG/ST-8 Mode

SpectraSweep™ Mode

Main Frequencies:

  • Sequences through three “main” frequency groups.
Full Range of Frequencies:

  • Cycles through various frequencies from subsonic through to ultrasonic harmonics.
  • Adds more harmonics than the LBG/ST-8 frequencies.
  • Creates a perfect, complete harmonically rich sweep, allowing every cell in the body to be electrically balanced and charged to full capacity and potential health.
Non-Computer Generated Harmonics:*

  • Frequencies emitted are not as precise as computer-generated frequencies. Frequencies lose intensity as the LBG/ST-8 reaches higher harmonics.
Computer Generated Harmonics:

  • Gives more precise frequencies and higher level of harmonics to produce better resonance matching.  This improves the cell’s ability for resonance modulation for greater well-being.
  • More precise timing and better intensity of frequency because it goes through the entire range.
  • Full range of perfect computer-generated frequencies.
Basic Frequencies:

  • Emits only the three basic frequency groups needed by the body




Accommodates Each Person’s Electromagnetic Diversity:

  • No two people are the same.  Different people react differently to the same frequency.  Therefore, when the entire range is presented, it accommodates everyone.
  • Has a wide range of frequency the body can use depending on the body’s frequency and the cell’s energy.
  • Cells can select the frequencies they need.  If a frequency is not needed, it just passes through.
Standard Approach:

  • Uses the standard approach for all individuals
Highly Individualized: 

  • SpectraSweep™ is more individualized to meet each person’s specific energy needs.

* When the SpectraSweep™ is installed, the LBG/ST-8 mode and the SpectraSweep™ mode are both computer generated.

A WORD OF CAUTION:  Because the technology is more powerful, it is very important to closely monitor your client the first few minutes they are using SpectraSweep.  Some clients detoxify too quickly and need to gradually transition into the sweep from the LBG frequencies.  








“Using the SpectraSweep technology, I’m having great results, especially with cases of Lyme’s disease, dental infections, migraines – any type of infection. The new technology also knocks out bacteria and viruses you can’t get otherwise. My protocols are the same, though they are shorter.”        Marc Weill, NU

 “The new SpectraSweep technology incorporated into the ST-8 instrument makes the recipient’s electromagnetic field perfect within a few minutes. This gives them a tranquil state with the ability to become more active in their healing process. I have changed the treatment to include both the LBG and SpectraSweep.”  Valerie V. Hunt, RPT, Ed.D. Professor Emeritus, Dept. Physiological Science, UCLA     Director of Bioenergy Fields Lab

 “To me, the difference is really significant. I’ve got late stage neurological Lyme’s disease, and I was in pain 24×7. I’ve always gotten results with my LBG/ST-8 (I’m on my third machine). However, since I started using the SpectraSweep technology, my symptoms started to ease instantly – I mean, while I’m still on the machine. It helps my mood, too. It’s so much easier to be happy. And, I even look better. Quite simply, I love it! I recommend it to everyone!”    Diana Rocha, Patient

“We’re having even better results with our clients now that we’ve incorporated the SpectraSweep technology. The LBG/ST-8 with SpectraSweep brings balance to the body more quickly.”    Jesse Robinson, MT

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