Lymphatic Detoxification

At age 69, on both my right and left hands I have easily visible calcium spurs. These come with age and with diseases such as Osteoarthritisand Rheumatoid Arthritis. Calcium spurs limit the range of motion of the fingers, interfering with the normal range of finger dexterity. As they grow through time, more and more pain can be noticed, and certainly the range of motion is decreased accordingly.

More than a year ago the second joint from the end of my finger, next to the little one on the left hand, became inflamed, and stayed that way day after day, throughout the year. It was aggravated not only by typing but also by young ladies using that finger joint to hang on to whenever I led them through swing dance patterns to which they were unaccustomed. The reflex action to grab on and hold is instinctive, and it just happens that the most convenient joint is the one already inflammed.

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Activating Your Fountain of Youth – What Swollen Glands Tell You

Your lymphatic system can be compared to a freeway. When congested, nothing moves. The same thing happens in your body. When your body harbors inflammation and infection, lymph nodes become swollen, especially in the neck, groin and underarm areas.

The lymphatic system affects every organ and cell in the body. When the lymphatic system’s drainage becomes blocked, it cannot eliminate toxic material. Left on its own, the lymph system’s to fill up and the body can swell with unreleased waste that can leak into the tissues and through the skin, resulting in lumps, a foul smell and fatigue.

As a result the lymph glands become clogged and lymph fluid does not drain properly and premature aging can set in.

If you can do it, a weekly lymphatic flushing is very healing. By learning to stimulate the lymph nodes you can stay healthy longer and have a stronger immune system.

What is the lymphatic system?

The lymph nodes are located throughout the body and generally remain unnoticed. They are most pronounced in the neck, groin, armpits and intestines. Swelling or soreness of the glands in the nodes is a sign that they are clogged. .

Gentle manipulation of the lymph nodes throughout the body drains and opens up congested lymph nodes and channels, enabling toxins, cell debris and waste to be filtered out.

A healthy lymphatic system can:

  • Absorb and discharge unwanted body fat.
  • Carry away excess body fluids.
  • Aid in healing problems associated with the muscular, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, endocrine and nervous systems.

Lymphatic cleansing

A clogged lymph system can benefit from outside help. A professional can use her/his hands manually to massage and stimulate your lymph nodes or use special equipment designed for the purpose.

Some practitioners use a Light Beam Generator (LBG™), which is a cold gas ionization technique that allows the practitioner to go eight times deeper than with manual treatment. People with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, inflamed joints and varicose veins have claimed relief from this treatment.

LBG is a hand-held device which emits an intermittent pulse of light and a stream of electrons. It softens nodules and creates an environment for cell healing, rejuvenation, and prevention of breast and prostate cancer.

Many physical and emotional problems can be aggravated by blockage of the lymph flow. When the lymphatic system is blocked or not functioning well, it creates stagnation, disease, hair loss, pain and premature aging.

Blockage and benefits

  • Constipation
  • Stress
  • Unexpressed emotions, such as anger, fear or resentment.
  • Lack of movement and regular exercise
  • Inflammation
  • Poor eating habits

With treatment for a sluggish lymphatic system, you may see some improvement in:

  • Allergies
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Arthritis
  • Prostrate disorders
  • Ulcers
  • Breast lumps
  • Parasites
  • Eating disorders
  • Cancer
  • Respiratory infections
  • Cellulite
  • Emiphysema
  • Sinus headaches
  • Skin problems

How does lymphatic cleansing work?

Lymphatic cleansing essentially cleans out waste material, thereby allowing, oxygen and vital nutrients to flow freely through the blood stream. This starts the rejuvenation, healing and balancing process.

Another way to keep your lymphatic system healthy is taking regular saunas. Sauna are not only deeply relaxing, but they do a terrific job of revitalizing your overall health.

Echinacea also can help to clear up toxic conditions, since it stimulates macrophage action, which in turn helps to maintain a healthy lymph flow. Macrophages are large cells located in your lymph nodes and they help to destroy viruses and foreign invaders circulating in the lymph fluid. Other beneficial herbs include mullein, poke and red clover.

The sauna

Your skin is the largest eliminative organ and about one third of your system’s toxins are excreted through it, which comes to about a pound a day. Unfortunately, the skin is not always exposed to life-giving air, baths or sea air.

Other factors can also hamper the natural cleansing process. Artificial and restrictive clothing (such as polyester blouses and tight jeans), air-conditioned rooms and even deodorants prevent excretion and natural cleansing.

From the land of the midnight sun, the sauna is an old custom for purification and longevity. As a native of Finland, I highly recommend the sauna for its beautifying and healing properties. After a sauna, I experience a spiritual, as well as physical, cleansing.

Sauna helps your body eliminate waste that your kidneys and lungs are not able to fully filter. For example, lead, cadmium, and other metals can be discharged during a sauna.

Sauna can be enjoyed in spas and private homes all over the world, but not everyone knows how rejuvenating and pleasurable it truly is. It relaxes tired muscles and joints and does wonders for your skin. The warmth and moisture of the steam softens the skin and opens up your pores throroughly cleansing the entire body.

Your circulation is stimulated and a fresh flow of blood bathes the vascular system. The kidneys are activated, uric acid and other wastes are eliminated, and the entire metabolism is given a boost.

To get the most from a sauna

  • Avoid a heavy meal for at least one to two hours prior to the sauna.
  • Clean the skin carefully so that the pores can breathe freely. When toxins accumulate, then become sluggish, pores become choked with dead cells and impurities. Enter a sauna naked with dry skin, as wet skin prevents perspiration.
  • Lets your body adjust slowly to the temperature change, beginning from 120°F to as much 140°F. Raise your legs on the wall to drain congested blood from your limbs.
  • Throw water on the stones and breath slowly and deeply. Dry heat can be harmful to the lungs and rupture tiny air sacks. Saunas can be used at home, but be certain to check first with your physician if you have any serious physical ailments.

Exfoliation of the skin (shedding) is a natural process that can occur in the sauna as the the moist heat softens the skin and dead cells are sloughed off rapidly.

After the skin has softened in the steam for five minutes, dry brush yourself with a natural bristle brush. Massage firmly towards the heart for 10 minutes until the skin turns a reddish color. Do this once a day for four weeks.

This will stimulate blood vessels, eliminate toxins and dead cells and improve muscle tone. It can also help drain congested lymph nodes and in some cases, help prevent cellulite.

Aromatherapy in the sauna

The essence of flowers has been used for centuries for beautifying and relaxing and when aromatherapy is applied in the sauna, you will find the benefits revitalizing or soothing, depending on the essential oils selected. For example, lavender relaxes the nerves and helps rid you of headaches and insomnia. Other oils that can be used include:

  • Peppermint and eucalyptus will help open congested nasal passages.
  • Chamomile and orange soothe and soften irritated skin. Add 20 drop either oil into two liters of water.
  • Birch leaves are used traditionally for their skin-healing Properties. You can buy birch leaves already red or gather them fresh from the forest.

Ulla Anneli, R.N. is a yoga instructor, lymphatic therapist and anti-aging expert. She is the author of Rejuvenctic which will be at Barnes & Noble in EncinoJan 25


Dear Sir or Madam,

I have coped with lymphedema in both legs for 16 years! My legs, thighs and hips had developed hardened tissue as a result, and I was taking antibiotics for cellulitis outbreaks early on. I wear very firm compression garments on a daily basis and bandage both legs every night. Occasionally, when my legs started to increase in size, I would set up manual lymph drainage appointments. Cellulitis attacks became increasingly more frequent and were most worrisome to me. I began taking mild forms of antibiotics, but graduated to heavy doses of Augmentin seven more times a year.

I love the LBG and am so thankful for my friend’s recommendation to meet with her doctor.  The LBG treatments were the first exciting steps toward a healthier and more comfortable life. After the first tingly treatment, the hardness in my hips softened and I was full of excitement that my life was about to change. Currently, my thighs are the only places that feel hard and full, but they also have begun to soften. My anklebones and kneecaps are no longer hidden under excessive swelling and I have had only one occurrence of cellulitis since beginning the LBG treatments four months ago.

I have a renewed sense of hope that I will be able to enjoy the outdoors during the hot summer months for the first time in 16 years – instead of inside alone in the air conditioning. The doctor has given me that hope by providing LBG treatments and his individualized approach for my wellness.



Dear Sir,

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June of 2008. I received chemotherapy from June through November of 2008. In January of 2009 I had a lymph node dissection which removed 80% of the lymph nodes from my arm.  5 ½ weeks of radiation took the other 20% of the nodes from my arm. I started having problems with my arm during the radiation treatments.

My alternative doctor recommended that I see an LBG practitioner for treatment of my lymphedema. After the first treatment using the LBG, I saw an improvement. Within a week the tightness, full feeling and pain were completely gone.

I no longer worry about using my arm too much, lifting items or flying. With treatments every 3 – 4 months, I can do anything I choose to do.  This is truly a miracle!!!!

Pat M.


I love bringing my children to the Whole Body Healing Center. As soon as my children become sick, I bring them into the center to receive lymphatic therapy. It helps their bodies fight the virus or infection. It is amazing how well it works on my 8- and 5-year-old daughters. I just came in yesterday and used the LBG because I am swollen and bruised after liposuction surgery. Within 24 hours my bruising and swelling is reduced by 50% and I feel so much better. I am so thankful for the Whole Body Healing Center and the LBG.


Dear Daneen,

I am so fortunate that you office here at the Whole Body Healing Center. My clients receive the best lymphatic therapy because of the LBG. Our center has both the 4-Head LBG and the 8-Head LBG. I believe that lymphatic therapy has played a major role in the healing of my clients over the years. When clients are chronically ill, the LBG is definitely part of my protocol. I want to thank you for all of the service you provide to my clients.

Shawn Sieracki, ND


Dear ELF Labs Technology,

I office at the Whole Body Healing Center located in Lewisville, TX. I am a colon therapist and refer my clients to Daneen for lymphatic treatment before seeing me. It has helped so many clients have superior colonics when they do the lymphatic treatment first. It releases a lot more toxins and clients leave feeling better. I am very impressed with how well it removes swelling and cleanses the body.

Thank you,


Dear Friends,

In March of 2010 a mammogram and subsequent ultrasound came back as “abnormal”. Two new lumps were detected and a biopsy was the recommended next course of action. Questioning the value and necessity of this, I sought out alternative treatment.

I am so fortunate to have found this therapy treatment.  The practitioner promptly set out a successful wellness protocol for me. Light therapies using the ST-8, combined with dietary guidelines for food, herbs and supplements returned my body back to a healthy balance. In a matter of days the smaller lump was gone. A few weeks later the larger lump had completely disappeared.

Thermographic imagery confirmed no pathology in my breast tissue. It is so powerful knowing you can take control of your own health – what a gift!



Dear ELF Labs Technology,

I have had many strep throat incidences and ear infections my whole life! I was on and off antibiotics my whole 49 years. Before I used the LBG, I was on antibiotics every 6 to 8 weeks.

Since my first LBG session in June, I have not used any antibiotics. At the first visit, one of my submandibular nodes was the size of a walnut. The LBG brought it down to the size of a large grape. Recently, I had my first earache since June. After one session, it was gone within 48 hours. The node now is the size of a peanut. I’m planning to do one more session to get rid of it.

Thank you,


To who ever will hear:

Do you feel “off”? Do you know you need to improve your health? Any symptom is worth working on and trying to figure out the cause. Don’t just treat the symptom. Get to the cause. Often the symptom is due to a sluggish immune system. A good cleanse of your lymph system can make a world of difference. I am thankful for the LBG and ST-8 Oxygen Detoxification System and  how useful it is in helping people regain their health, prevent and/or reverse disease, and rid the body of pain and swelling.

I have been seeing my practitioner for treatments on my back, neck and shoulders for over 10 Years. She has continued to pursue learning everything she can ever since I met her. With her knowledge and the technology that is available now, she is very equipped to help us all stay healthy – with nutrition and diet, pain and inflammation, and cleansing and detoxing. Over the last 12 months I began to notice a tight feeling in my breast. No lump was discerned – even by thermography, but it was a definite noticeable feeling. My practitioner felt a good cleanse of my lymph was in order so for 5 days I went to her office and treated myself to the LBG. I also watched my diet by eating only vegetables, juices, greens, and alkaline water. I took very hot baths with added Epsom salt and baking soda so that I would sweat. That helped the blood cleanse more and the added salts help it to alkalize. After the week of treatments, the noticeable tightness had disappeared.

My husband also benefited from LBG treatments after a very serious accident on his motorcycle. We used the LBG to reduce the swelling and to help his immune system work better for healing. He had many broken bones and was in much pain. The swelling and pain reduced quickly with his treatments. After a  knee surgery for a torn ACL, he was able to bend his knee 45 degrees within 2 days – the doctor was amazed. My husband had a few treatments prior to the surgery and a few more after. This prepared his body to not build up inflammation and to heal faster. He also had nerve damage in his face due to a fracture in his skull. His face looked like he had had a stroke. Our practitioner used the LBG and neuromuscular  massage therapy to reduce inflammation there too. Today, he is healed.

This is wonderful technology. Just remember that your health is up to you – your doctor is there for sickness, disease, or an accident. Learning how to prevent disease is worth every minute and every dime you spend. I pray this will encourage you to learn about this technology and let your Wellness Educator keep you healthy for your life!



Dear ELF Labs Technology,

My cats and I all had reactions to the ELF Sentinel immediately. It made me extremely tired, and I slept with one under my bed (and still do). I could not keep my eyes open. I have an illness that will take a while to eliminate and it feels like the ELF Sentinel is dealing with the ELF’s so  I do not have to worry about disruptive ELF fields interfering with my natural treatments.

My 12-year-old female cat had an interesting reaction to the ELF Sentinel’s effect within the first two days. She had been having a great deal of trouble with junk coming out of her eyes, and within two days of having the device nearby (under the bed she constantly slept on), her eyes discharged a log of gunk and she lost her balance in a jump to a chair. After this, she has looked and acted healthier than she has been in a long while. My male cat seats himself above where I placed the device and looks calmer and more at peace and pleased  than I have seen him in a long while.

I feel better with it nearby and am slowing gaining more energy. I appreciate the ELF Sentinel and your help.



Dear ELF Labs,

Using the LBG and ST-8 with SpectraSweep technology, I’m having great results, especially with cases of Lyme’s disease, dental infections, migraines – any type of infection. The technology also knocks out bacteria and viruses you can’t get otherwise. My protocols are the same, though they are shorter.

Thank you,


Dear ELF Labs Technology,

Regarding Spectra Sweep, to me, the difference is really significant. I’ve got late stage neurological Lyme’s disease, and I was in pain 24×7. I’ve always gotten results with my LBG/ST-8 (I’m on my third machine). However, since I started using the SpectraSweep technology, my symptoms started to ease instantly – I mean, while I’m still on the machine. It helps my mood, too. It’s so much easier to be happy. And, I even look better. Quite simply, I love it! I recommend it to everyone!

Thank you,


Dear ELF Labs,

The SpectraSweep technology incorporated into the LBG and ST-8 instruments makes the recipient’s electromagnetic field perfect within a few minutes. This gives them a tranquil state with the ability to become more active in their healing process. I have changed the treatment to include both the LBG and SpectraSweep. I believe the LBG/ST-8 is the most complete and profoundly effective treatment for stimulating and maintaining health and eliminating disease that exists today.


Dear ELF Labs,

We’re having even better results with our clients now that we have incorporated the SpectraSweep technology. The LBG/ST-8 with SpectraSweep brings balance to the body more quickly.


Hello Friends at ELF Labs,

Wow! The new ST-8 is fantastic. The strength and power is amazing. We set the power at 30 and only spent 20 minutes each on it, but I felt it in the balls of my feet and everywhere. It felt like it attacked the scar tissue in my neck from surgery a few years back. It really energized me so I definitely need to use it during the day instead of waiting until evening. The new cords are great, far more flexible.

Before, with our old ST-8, when my husband used it he went to sleep immediately afterwards. Actually, he fell asleep doing the half hour treatment. With the new ST-8 with SpectraSweep and Infrared Therapy, he dozed for a few minutes, but he was more alert when he got off and definitely felt better.

The new ST-8 is simply incredible. Thank you so very much for making it available to us.

With sincere gratitude,


Dear ELF Labs Technology,

I can’t tell you how much we are enjoying our new ST-8 Oxygen Detoxification System with the Infrared Therapy and SpectraSweep technologies. I felt the difference the first 20 minutes that I was taking my treatment – the stimulation of blood flow, the circulation and the oxygenation. I used it for 45 minutes and it totally changed my day. I can’t wait until tomorrow’s session.


I also want to thank you for the opportunity to trade in my older model – for economical reasons – for this new model with all the up-to-date technology and the new look. I just love it!


Best regards,


LYMPH FOR LIFE: Lymphatic Drainage Therap

Written By Jill Kennedy, Therapist

Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made! The body was created to heal itself; you know when something is wrong, but sometimes wait too long to respond to that “knowing.” The body gives us signs; edema (swelling), inflammation, accelerated aging, prolonged injury and illness recovery, and cancer. In 2003, my son was diagnosed with testicular cancer, and after the removal of the testis, they found the cancer had progressed to his lymph nodes behind his vital organs. I was clueless as to what a lymph node was and so my journey of discovery began.

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