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CALGARY- Under a clear blue sky, four-year-old  Ben Nedjelski runs happily from slide to swing to teeter totter. His enthusiasm is as easy to spot as the bandage on his arm.

“He has had lymphedema since birth,” Ben’s mom Katie explains. “In the hospital, we noticed his one arm was bigger than the other.”

A healthy lymphatic system circulates fluid throughout the body but with lymphedema that system doesn’t work properly. Fluid pools in arms or legs, causing the limb to swell well beyond its normal size.



The Lymphatic System Is Composed Of Two Semi-Independent Parts



  • LYMPH NODES: thousands are located throughout the body. They are responsible for removing foreign material such as bacteria, viruses, cell debris, proteins, etc, from the plasma (clear water) as it returns to the blood capillaries for re-circulation in the body.
  • SPLEEN: located on the left side of the abdominal cavity and extends to curl around the anterior aspect of the stomach. It is a blood rich organ that filters blood. The spleen filters and cleans blood of bacteria, viruses and other debris. It also stores platelets, acting as a blood reservoir.
  • THYMUS: found low in the throat overlying the heart. Functions at peak levels in youth as it becomes congested with fat, and less active in older persons. It produces hormones (thymosin and others) that function in the programming of certain lymphocytes so they can carry out their protective role in the body.


The Lymphatic System

The Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is a network of vessels carrying lymph, or tissue-cleansing fluid, from the tissues into the veins of the circulatory system. The lymphatic system functions along with the circulatory system in absorbing nutrients from the small intestines. A large portion of digested fats are absorbed via the lymphatic capillaries. Like the blood circulatory system, the lymphatic system is composed of fine capillaries that lie adjacent to the blood vessels. These merge into larger tributaries known as trunks, and these in turn merge into two still larger vessels called ducts. The thoracic and right lymphatic ducts empty into the venous system in the region of the collarbones. Lymph, a colorless fluid whose composition is similar to that of blood except that it does not contain red blood cells or platelets, and contains considerably less protein, is continuously passing through the walls.

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The LBG / ST-8 are valuable tools in lymphatic therapy by increasing the effectiveness of manual drainage of the lymph system by many times. The use of the LBG in lymphatic therapies is based on the thesis that protein interactions are primarily electrical.

The bonding of amino acids is electrical. As chains of amino acids organize, the identity of the protein molecule is determined by protein folding. The bonding mechanism that determines this structure or folding is purely electrical based on the attraction of opposing polarities.

Protein structure in living, healthy tissue is always in a state of alignment. This is most evident in the connective tissue that holds the body together where the alignment of collagen fibers is stable.

However, these protein structures break down as cells die or are damaged. It is these waste proteins that are removed by the lymph system. When these proteins are not fully removed by the lymph system, pathologies occur in the body. These non-functional proteins have the same electrical properties of attraction, but as they organize, their structures are random. This is called fibrotic condition of the interstitium (the area between the living cells in connective tissue). The instability of non-functional proteins causes them to attract water and hold it by electrical bonding. This is called edema.

The LBG / ST-8 creates separation of these randomly bonded proteins by presenting a flood of electrons compatible with the random protein structures providing for the release of the water they were holding. Healthy tissue protein structures do not attract water and they are not affected by the energy presented by the LBG / ST-8.

Surgical Procedure Recovery

The single most important challenge in health care is eliminating toxins from the body. Lymphatic functions include: transporting nutrients and oxygen to the cells and tissues, removing protein waste and other waste matter (including environmental toxins) from the cells and the body’s interstitial (in-between) regions, maintaining fluid balance in the connective tissue, and transporting fatty acids from the small intestine to the liver for storage and later use. When the lymphatic system becomes congested, these functions are impaired, depriving cells of oxygen and affecting the ability of the body to rid itself of its own waste material. Over time, other body systems that rely on the lymphatic system for waste removal will also become compromised, setting the stage for pain and disease. A sure sign of lymph congestion is sore or swollen lymph glands, which are most noticeable in the neck, armpits, groin, and intestines, but illnesses as wide ranging as allergies, fibrocystic disease, and cancer can be related to lymph congestion.

 The LBG

The LBG’s non-invasive technology affects a swift, safe and natural method of restoring healthy lymph flow. The lymphatic system is responsible for carrying disease fighting material to cells attacked by germs, eliminating dead germs and toxins from the body, and supplying protein-rich plasma fluid back to the heart. When this system is blocked, we become defenseless against attacks by virus, fungus and bacteria. Using low-current, cold-gas light photons, the LBG assists the body in restoring free-flow of bonded, clumping proteins responsible for swelling and blockages within the lymph system. Effectively assists in the symptom reduction of:

  • Surgical Procedure Recovery
  • Inflamed Breast Conditions
  • Inflamed Prostate Conditions
  • Fibromyalgia and Bursitis
  • Headaches, Allergies & PMS
  • Edema and Cellulitis

 How the LBG Works

The LBG uses extremely low current, cold-gas light photons to transfer energy frequency patterns to cells in the targeted lymphatic regions. Frequency modulation is accomplished with light.

The LBG achieves its results on an energetic level. Cells have an electromagnetic charge that either binds them together or keeps them apart, and the LBG works by rebalancing the charge of the cells’ electromagnetic fields. Cells in the lymphatic system can clump together and bond electrically with water to create disease conditions of swelling or abnormal growths.

The LBG is able to separate these cells from each other and their accumulated fluids. The result is that swelling, tumor masses, and other blockages are easily dispersed, rapidly and completely.

The LBG aids in the removal of unnatural additives in our food including the steroids that mimic hormones and attach to proteins. With proper lymphatic drainage using the LBG, they can be flushed out.

The ST-8 Super Oxygenated Detoxification System

The ST-8 is the world’s first oxygen-fed scalar transmatter tissue detoxification system. Non-invasive and non-cytoxic, the ST-8 helps detoxify tissue by assisting the body in dissolving lymph blockages and restoring normal lymph flow using novel quantum scalar technology coupled with super-oxygenated oxygen for remarkable healing potential.

The ST-8 technology represents a “quantum leap” in expediting critical lymph stasis. It significantly reduces the potential for healing crisis by placing the super-oxygenated oxygen molecule directly at the lymph stasis target site without the risk of creating damaging free radicals in the body. The ST-8 is an effective technology for overcoming critical-care lymph stasis … and it avoids the pitfalls of high voltage gas-ionization, as high voltage gas-ionizing units produce non-penetrating, surface ionization that may contribute to cytoxicity at certain output levels requiring EPA monitoring.

Using extremely low current, cold-gas light photons, the ST-8 creates a beneficial photon-field environment around the cell in which the cell can correct its electromagnetic charge. No longer characterized by instability as the cell’s field is now balanced, these non-functioning proteins separate from their pooling, random structures and release the collection of water they were holding, restoring natural lymph fluidity and greatly enhancing the delivery of waste material to the organs and nodes responsible for waste elimination.

Healthy tissue protein structures do not attract water as they are already in balance; and because they are already in balance, they ignore the energy the ST-8 presents. With these random protein structures broken up and released from their bonds to water, a lymph therapist can now work with more pliable tissue. The tissue has returned to a state of free-flow, the ideal condition for effectively treating swollen tissue.

The Energetic Level: The ST-8, because it is working with the quantum scalar, takes the super-oxygenated oxygen’s “energy signature” and delivers that energetic signature directly to the targeted area … directly to the affected cells, which will choose whether to accept or reject the ST-8’s incoming frequencies. Cells are selective and will naturally choose only the vibratory rate required to put themselves back into balance.

Since the super-oxygenated oxygen is transmitted to the cell at the quantum energetic level through the field rather than through the body at a material level, side effects are non-existent. Like a homeopathic remedy, which also uses the energetic signature of a material rather than the material itself (though unlike a homeopath, the ST-8 applies that energy directly to the affected site), there is a cause and effect benefit without the introduction of physical material. No destructive free radicals can be created, as there is no physical material available to help create them, only an energetic signature of the physical material is present.

Oxygenated Tissue: The ST-8 was created using the Max Planck Institute’s (Germany) premise of injecting ozone into tumors of critical care patients. When ozone was injected, the tumor turned to mush. The disease was devitalized, as it could not live in an oxygenated environment. Using this principle, researchers took the idea of injecting ozone into the body and combined it with quantum scalar technology, thus energetically carrying the oxygen’s information to the field and the body and presenting it at the cellular level. With the ST-8, the energetic signature of the super-oxygenated oxygen is introduced at an energetic level so cells have the opportunity to return to a normal healthy state armed with the right energetic information to bolster the immune system.

When coupling good medicine and super-oxygenated oxygen to support tissue detoxification, the body has a grand opportunity to recover from, and prevent, many serious illnesses. Applied evidence supports the fact that extreme metabolic stagnation commences to disassociate upon presentation of the energy produced by the ST-8 with no adverse side effects.

Reconstructive and emergency surgeries have been noted to heal faster and with less pain. Expediting lymph minimizes post-surgical bruising, patient pain, and helps expedite post-operative recovery in procedures such as breast augmentation, breast reduction, and breast lift; rhinoplasty; abdominoplasty; forehead, eyelid, and ear procedures; and facelifts.

Facilitated lymph movement promotes connective tissue remodeling and recovery by helping reduce diffusion distances and promoting increased efficiency in interstitial oxygen, nutrient, and carbon dioxide exchange.

The Background on SpectraSweep™

In order to understand the SpectraSweep™ technology, it is important to understand the principles that this technology is based upon.

  • Each person emits a unique electromagnetic signature.
  • All human cells combine their energy work to provide a person’s electromagnetic signature.
  • Each human cell operates like a battery and is capable of balancing itself when fully charged.
  • It has been suggested that the polarity of the affected cell can be changed and electrical balance restored to the state of wellness.
  • Cells in the body have polarity with north and south poles similar to the earth. Balanced cells naturally push away from each other on their own ability. However, when cell polarity goes out of balance, the magnetic poles start attracting each other.  This causes cells to clump together, creating a blockage.
  • Energy blocks caused by cells malfunctioning and attracting to each other allows unhealthy bio-terrain to develop.

The LBG/ST-8 with the improved SpectraSweep™ emits light photons that transfers the appropriate frequencies to the blocked area, allowing the cells to improve their electromagnetic field (EMF) charge. The cells balance their charged condition and separate from the binding agent, enabling the cells to return to their normal, healthier state.

Features and Benefits 

  • Individualized.  The body absorbs what’s needed to reach optimal health and ignores all other frequencies.
  • Capable of handling people’s diverse electromagnetic fields.
  • Full range of frequencies above the three basic groups of frequencies.
  • Richer range of harmonics with a constant intensity across the range of frequencies.
  • Deeper penetration of skin’s surface.
  • Improves the well-being of the cell’s health more efficiently and rapidly.
  • Faster detoxification period for a larger and more diverse population.

Differences between the LBG/ST-8 Mode and SpectraSweep™ Mode



LBG/ST-8 Mode

SpectraSweep™ Mode

Main Frequencies:

  • Sequences through three “main” frequency groups.
Full Range of Frequencies:

  • Cycles through various frequencies from subsonic through to ultrasonic harmonics.
  • Adds more harmonics than the LBG/ST-8 frequencies.
  • Creates a perfect, complete harmonically rich sweep, allowing every cell in the body to be electrically balanced and charged to full capacity and potential health.
Non-Computer Generated Harmonics:*

  • Frequencies emitted are not as precise as computer-generated frequencies. Frequencies lose intensity as the LBG/ST-8 reaches higher harmonics.
Computer Generated Harmonics:

  • Gives more precise frequencies and higher level of harmonics to produce better resonance matching.  This improves the cell’s ability for resonance modulation for greater well-being.
  • More precise timing and better intensity of frequency because it goes through the entire range.
  • Full range of perfect computer-generated frequencies.
Basic Frequencies:

  • Emits only the three basic frequency groups needed by the body




Accommodates Each Person’s Electromagnetic Diversity:

  • No two people are the same.  Different people react differently to the same frequency.  Therefore, when the entire range is presented, it accommodates everyone.
  • Has a wide range of frequency the body can use depending on the body’s frequency and the cell’s energy.
  • Cells can select the frequencies they need.  If a frequency is not needed, it just passes through.
Standard Approach:

  • Uses the standard approach for all individuals
Highly Individualized: 

  • SpectraSweep™ is more individualized to meet each person’s specific energy needs.

* When the SpectraSweep™ is installed, the LBG/ST-8 mode and the SpectraSweep™ mode are both computer generated.

A WORD OF CAUTION:  Because the technology is more powerful, it is very important to closely monitor your client the first few minutes they are using SpectraSweep.  Some clients detoxify too quickly and need to gradually transition into the sweep from the LBG frequencies.  








“Using the SpectraSweep technology, I’m having great results, especially with cases of Lyme’s disease, dental infections, migraines – any type of infection. The new technology also knocks out bacteria and viruses you can’t get otherwise. My protocols are the same, though they are shorter.”        Marc Weill, NU

 “The new SpectraSweep technology incorporated into the ST-8 instrument makes the recipient’s electromagnetic field perfect within a few minutes. This gives them a tranquil state with the ability to become more active in their healing process. I have changed the treatment to include both the LBG and SpectraSweep.”  Valerie V. Hunt, RPT, Ed.D. Professor Emeritus, Dept. Physiological Science, UCLA     Director of Bioenergy Fields Lab

 “To me, the difference is really significant. I’ve got late stage neurological Lyme’s disease, and I was in pain 24×7. I’ve always gotten results with my LBG/ST-8 (I’m on my third machine). However, since I started using the SpectraSweep technology, my symptoms started to ease instantly – I mean, while I’m still on the machine. It helps my mood, too. It’s so much easier to be happy. And, I even look better. Quite simply, I love it! I recommend it to everyone!”    Diana Rocha, Patient

“We’re having even better results with our clients now that we’ve incorporated the SpectraSweep technology. The LBG/ST-8 with SpectraSweep brings balance to the body more quickly.”    Jesse Robinson, MT

How the LBG, ST-8, and Action Lymphatics Works

And the Technologies Utilized

  1. Our Frequency Technology excites a mixture of noble gases in the heads of the LBG and ST-8, and the Probes of the Action Lymphatics Mini Series. No alternating current is present to create a high voltage effect which can burn the field and create a shock to the cellular matrix.
  2. ELF Free Standing Wave Coil (Scalar) Technology to move and carry information and energy into the field and cell electrical potential. Because this creates a quantum envelope with the coupled photons that are created and matched in energetic signature, the photons piggyback onto this quantum carrier and move omni-directional into the body and field to carry light and stimulate energetic pathways.
  3. Photons are created by the stimulation and excitation of the gases; and through a mirroring technology, the photons couple to match the quantum event that is moving from the energy of the Scalar ELF Free Standing Wave.
  4. Frequencies are used that are known to change the energetic pattern of virus, fungus, and bacteria in the field, and moves through the body as an energetic resonance to limit and inhibit their development.
  5. Harmonic sweep of all frequencies allowing every cell in the body to be electrically balanced and charged to full capacity and potential, thereby moving stagnant lymph pathways and creating an immunological barrier to disease.
  6. Fast Rise Time Wave Forms that collapse the electromagnetic field, creating a Scalar moment that carries information into the cell. These wave forms also constitute a wide range of harmonics necessary for resonance matching so that each cell can utilize its own frequency modulation required for optimum immune response.
  7. Pulsed frequencies which will not allow body entrainment, but does exhibit all the healing properties of a pulsed electromagnetic field carrier.
    1. Infrared Technology. The warming effect of infrared therapy stimulates metabolism and blood circulation. It also promotes the elimination of such things as poisonous carcinogenic heavy metals, toxic substances from food processing, lactic acid, free fatty acids, and subcutaneous fat associated with aging and fatigue, excess sodium associated with hypertension and uric acid which causes pain.


Additional Trait Found in the ST-8


  1. Pure oxygen transformed into ozone, energized, speeded up, then delivered energetically through the fusion of coupled photons and scalar which are compatible as they are both quantum singularities; and both act as energetic carriers of energy and information into the field and body. With this patent pending technology, the ozone is delivered at an energetic level into the field matching the body impedance for maximum penetration into tissue and organs. However, this technology does not allow the free radicals to move into the physical, but rather bond to the energetic quantum structure that leaves the body and field through the vortex spin in the head itself. This spinning action travels at such high velocity it splits out into concentrated ozone that is measured in the body with an oxymeter as oxygenated tissue, but does not carry the free radical constant because it is at an energetic level of delivery. Only the information required for the cell to thrive is utilized.
  2. Only information and energy is, therefore, delivered into the body creating an atmosphere for the body to heal itself.


Clinical Uses and Philosophical Beliefs about LBG and ST-8 Instruments

by Valerie V. Hunt, Ed.D.Science Ed., Professor Emeritus UCLA

I am a retired University Professor, Department of Physiological Science UCLA, and a registered physical therapist that has continued extensive electronic research of the bioenergy field (human aura). I have also studied the phenomena of LBG and ST-8, and have supervised treatments and observed the clinical changes with the following medical conditions:


After 5 months of daily treatment of a 4+ breast cancer, the lesion was gone and there were no laboratory indication of cancer. LBG/ST-8, diet and meditation were the only treatments.


Macular Degeneration
Improvement in vision without progression of symptoms.

Fungal Toxic Poison of Glands, Organs and Soft Tissue
After 3 months of daily treatment, the fungal symptoms were gone. Lab tests gave no indication of fungus. Physicians had predicted 8 months to a year with detox treatments.

Two months increased control with less medical treatment.

Major Surgical Recovery
1) Extensive automobile accident.
2) Quadruple cardiac bypass.
Unusually rapid and smooth healing of bones, ligaments, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. Beyond surgical expectations. Both patients were so pleased with the results that they purchased an ST-8 for family use.

Health Assurance
Five separate families purchased an LBG/ST-8 for their own personal health assurance. They reported immediate recovery of joint strain and back and limb muscle tensions with decreased fatigue and more stamina. Bacterial infections were cured in a day and viral infections in a matter of hours. Each family member had a weekly schedule for health rejuvenation with the ST-8. They report that there is much less illness and “downtime”. These families all have health insurance policies but the LBG/ST-8 was their Health Assurance policies not covered by insurance.


  1.  Fact: Cell transactions with the outside world are first through the auric field. All stimuli or information heard, seen, and felt – tasted or smelled – reach the body surface through the electromagnetic energy field which surrounds it. The field therefore is the primary place to influence change and improve all information entering the body.  Application: The LBG/ST-8 introduces their unique information directly through the treatment heads to the person’s field for immediate response.
  2. Fact: Each person has his own electromagnetic biofield pattern, or signature. With disease or malfunction the signature changes to an anticoherent, uriflowing energy field that is hyper or hypo activated.
    Application: Over time the biofield will transact with different frequency spectra. The LBG/ST-8 provides all spectra, which are pulsed in delivery. The pulsation keeps the delivery transaction very active and provides the biofield with a wide choice of frequencies to improve any disturbed field.

  3. Fact: The scalar wave is a standing energy created when two exact frequency waves meet at an 1800 straight angle. The scalar standing waves are elegant receptors and carriers of information. Oxygen is the most important element to stimulate all body chemical actions.

    Application: The LBG/ST-8 crates a scalar standing energy at the base of the treatment head. Oxygen is then passed through this scalar energy imbedding information of the electromagnetic pattern of oxygen rather than the molecule of oxygen that we breathe. Next, the standing oxygen laden scalar standing energy rides on the electromagnetic train wave (created by the noble gases) and through the treatment techniques of LBG and ST-8 is directly introduced by the heads to the biofield of the body surface. Because oxygen is a negatively charged ion, it re-synthesizes the positive ions of free radicals minimizing cellular damage and restoring full atoms for future energy use.

  4. Fact: Vigorous life requires electromagnetic energy to activate all chemical capacities. The depleted and contaminated electrical environment we live in does not nourish healthy cellular and glandular activity.

    Application: The LBG/ST-8 with its broad spectrum of electromagnetic energies from activated noble gases gives the purest, cleanest full light spectrum for the body’s use.

  5. Fact: All living bioelectric systems are dynamic. They constantly transact with the environment and fields introduced by instruments. The energy flows inward to activate fluid systems and specialized tissues and organs. A disturbed field of anticoherency, hypo or hyper abundance of total energy or in bodily parts precedes the biochemical and anatomical damage of disease and dysfunction. Application: Treatment by LBG/ST-8 consistently improves the biofield regardless of the diagnosis while activating the body’s natural healing capacities.


For the above facts and their applications, I believe the LBG/ST-8 is the most complete and profoundly effective treatment for stimulating and maintaining health and eliminating disease that exists today.