Lymphatic Detoxification

At age 69, on both my right and left hands I have easily visible calcium spurs. These come with age and with diseases such as Osteoarthritisand Rheumatoid Arthritis. Calcium spurs limit the range of motion of the fingers, interfering with the normal range of finger dexterity. As they grow through time, more and more pain can be noticed, and certainly the range of motion is decreased accordingly.

More than a year ago the second joint from the end of my finger, next to the little one on the left hand, became inflamed, and stayed that way day after day, throughout the year. It was aggravated not only by typing but also by young ladies using that finger joint to hang on to whenever I led them through swing dance patterns to which they were unaccustomed. The reflex action to grab on and hold is instinctive, and it just happens that the most convenient joint is the one already inflammed.

When the joint pain and inflammation finally reached the level where it interfered with dancing and typing, I got my hands X-rayed, to learn for the first time the gross shape and size of the calcium spurs. My allopathic physician handed me some very strong pain-killers with the advice to “use these on a full stomach.” The package insert gave more dire warnings — but I did use almost a full bottle, taking one sparingly only as needed, and from time to time. I also wiped DMSO on that joint several times each day.

That’s when I began to search for alternatives, otherwise my writing days would be ended, and probably much of my dancing, in other words, almost the whole of the remainder quality time of my life.

I asked various physicians for solutions and learned of several options: (1) Use surgery to cut off the calcium spurs, a process that seems filled with bad consequences, and surely would not solve the reason for my body building these spurs, (2) Use Chinese herbal medicine, coupled with diet, to change the biochemistry of the body. A disadvantage is the problem, where I live, of finding the proper herbs and foods, and then to prepare everything properly. However, it’s worth a try. (3) Scierotherapy was suggested, but I am almost routinely on excellent sclerotherapy treatment. This is an excellent tool for restoring body structurebut not for ridding the body of already embedded calcium spurs. It can prevent them but not excise them. (4) Chelation Therapy removes calcium from the blood, but if it takes any calcium away from calcium spurs, to reduce them, it must do so so minutely as to be unnoticeable. I’ve had 84 EDTA chelations to otherwise good effect, and 9 DMSO lVs, but this abundance of treatments had not stopped the growth of the calcium spurs. (One physician suggested ultrasonics /chelation, which sounds hopeful. (5) Homeopathic remedy (Calcium lactate 5H20 28.5 mg; Calcium fluoraturn trit. D4 50 mg; Urtica trit. DI 3.5 mg.), which is also worth a try.

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At point, I called Burton Goldberg 1, the man who had established The Holistic Book Project, and who had canvassed virtualy all of the world’s alternative/complementary/holistic medical fields for the purpose of producing a book, Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide.

Burton looked through his index card file and came up with a person who claimed that a combination of the use of a Light Beam Generator (LBG™)and lymphatic system massage, coupled with proper diet, had been curing the problems of calcium spurs, tendonitis, varicose veins and chronic hepatitis.

“What an odd combination!” I thought, and “What is the commonality between all of these?”

On further investigation, we learned that the Light Beam Generator (LBG™) was researched at the ELF Laboratories, Inc., RR # 1, Box 21, St.Francisville, IL 62460, (618) 948-2393, and that it was used primarily along with a specialized light massage of the lymphatic system.

One of this foundation’s board members and I visited ELF Laboratories, where we were treated with wonderful courtesy. (As a special bonus, we also met electronic design consultant, Ed Skilling, now 75 years of age, and a man who had had access to Royal Raymond Rife’s notes and some of Rife’s original equipment.)

ELF Laboratories made no medical claims of their Light Beam Generator (LBG™), but did answer every question we placed before them. During a period of about 45 minutes of conversation around a conference table, I held the Light Beam Generator(LBG™) to the above described chronically inflammed joint.


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In about 30 minutes the inflammation and pain was totally gone for the first time in more than a year. At this writing, seven months later, the pain is still gone.

Now understand, the calcium spurs are still there, and so is the limited range of motion in that joint. But the pain and inflammation is gone!

Considering these striking and fantastic results in so short a period of time, The Arthritis Fund/The Rheumatoid Disease Foundation felt that the Light Beam Generator (LBG™) warranted further and closer inspection, and for that reason The Rheumatoid Disease Foundation sent a certified masseur, Tom Gervais, to a lymphatic massage 3-day training session in California. The following is a brief resume of what Tom Gervais enthusiastically reported:



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Tom Gervais’

The combined use of the ELF International Ltd. Light Beam Generator (LBG™) with the Vodder Method of Manual Lymph Drainage Massage (MLD), is yet another effective means for sustaining good health. Working together, these techniques powerfully aid the lymph system in cleansing the body of accumulated protein wastes, when buildup of the latter has occurred. Though the primary focus of LBG/MLD is to simply clean out the lymph system, this often leads to a variety of health benefits.

Lymph is an integral part of the body’s circulatory system, being the connecting medium between enclosed arteries/capillaries/veins, and the cells/tissues outside of those blood vessels. It is composed of water, inorganic mineral salts, and white blood cells. To this base constituency is added the food nutrients and oxygen which it carries to cells, the waste products which it transports from cells, and a variety of other wastes (dead cells, particulate/environmental pollutants, post-infection debris, etc.). In general, the veins absorb the smaller proteins and most of the fluid present in the lymph, and then return these to the heart. The slow-moving lymphatic system (it functions against gravity and without the assistance of a strong heart pump) returns the larger proteins, excess fluid, and remaining wastes to the kidneys (by way of the heart) for processing and elimination.

The lymphatic system includes the following functions:

  • Carries food and oxygen to the body’s cells and tissues
  • Carries wastes from the body’s cells and tissues
  • Removes larger protein wastes from the body’s interstitial regions
  • Maintains fluid balance in the connective tissue
  • Removes excess protein from many sources (antigen- antibody complexes, dead cells, androgens, estrogen, enzymes, lipoproteins)
  • Removes foreign particulate and environmental toxins
  • Transports long-chain fatty acids (in food) from the small intestine to the liver provides the medium in which the immune system functions, and intimately assists with that function

In short, the lymph is an indispensable part of the human cleansing, homeostatic, and defense systems.

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This hand-held device emits an intermittent pulse of light and a stream of electrons which temporarily disorganize the electrical bonds of non-functional protein chains, lumps, and accumulations. (Non-functional proteins are randomly structured and therefore susceptible to dissociation breakup by electron ionization from without; functional proteins in healthy tissue possess a structural alignment that is not susceptible to breakup by the LBG.) These waste protein chains can result from a breakdown in the normal operation of the lymph system described above.

The LBG seems unique in its ability to safely soften nodules of accumulated wastes located in the lymph. For a short time following LBG application, a formerly tightly-bonded congestion will exist in a now un-bonded state. If the obstruction is quickly removed, the area will clear. If not immediately removed, however, most of the waste material re-bonds in place.

The Vodder method of MLD is a European tool for gently stimulating peristalsis of the lymphatic vessels, and increasing the drainage of connective tissues. It has been successfully used to treat post-mastectomy patients who subsequently develop severe lymphad- enopathy, but used by itself, it gets lymphatic results relatively slowly. The MLD seems superior in its ability, among dozens of other massage techniques, to effectively move lymph from a given area of the body, back to the heart and kidneys, for waste processing and elimination.

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The lymphatic detoxification method presented at this seminar more quickly and effectively cleans out the lymph system than any other current method. It involves first using the Light Beam Generator (LBG™) over an area of the body, followed immediately by using the Vodder Lymph Drainage Massage over the same area. Applying either approach alone greatly reduces the benefits which can be experienced. The instructor notes, for example, that when he combines the two in his clinical practice, he can achieve in just one session what previously took eight sessions, when working with massage alone. The LBG has similar limitations; it does little to transport waste material out of an area, once the latter is temporarily un-bonded. Two other approaches were presented as helpful adjuncts – gently exercising on a high-quality mini-trampoline; and lying down with legs and feet slightly elevated, as on a slant board, which causes the lymph to move with gravity instead of against it — but these do not replace the core combination of LBG/MLD.

When the LBG and MLD are combined, a client may notice some improvement after one session; usually shows marked improvement after six weeks; and is normally finished after three months.

The focus of this method is on cleansing the body of unneeded, and obstructing, wastes by improving lymph flow. When this occurs, a broad range of health improvements may follow. This method is not a medical treatment, and any medical ailment demands appropriate attention by a qualified physician. But the following conditions have been frequently found to be favorably influenced by, the LBG/MLD method and its lymph cleaning:

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  • Environmental pollutant levels
  • Inflammation
  • Cellulite
  • Cysts and fibrosis
  • Optimal immune function
  • Homeostatic systems (e.g. cellular nourishment and cleansing)
  • Accelerated healing of many bruises and injuries
  • Arteriosclerosis (prevention)
  • Breast/prostate cancer (prevention)
  • Cutaneous scar tissue
  • Lymphostatic edema

Supplemental to Tom Gervais’ report is the following:

  1. One lady has reported a 2-year regression of multiple sclerosis on the usage of the above procedures. By word of mouth, others with similar conditions are flocking to her door.
  2. In varicose veins, resulting from the blockage of main flow of blood, the body compensates by pushing blood through small vesicles, which then show up as blue threads along the legs. The Light Beam Generator (LBG™) apparently unblocks the main tubing, and the blue lines immediately disappear. If a condition of thrombosis is known to exist, until more is learned about the safety of using the Light Beam Generator(LBG™) on this condition, it probably should not be so used. Although it is believed that a large clot will not break off and cause heart problems, this belief must be tested out only by the specialist who is familiar with the medical condition.
  3. The L. Ron Hubbard sauna detoxification program is the only one known to rid the body’s cell lipids of residual toxins through about 3-1/2 to 4-1/2hours sweat per day, 140°to 180° farenheit temperature, for 3 to 4 weeks, coupled with some light exercise and proper replacement of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. From anecdotal reports, the Light Beam Generator(LBG™) with the Vodder Massage seems to also eliminate cell lipid toxins.

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There are tens of millions of Americans who suffer from some form of arthritides, and most of these will suffer also from calcium spurs and pain. While there are many disease states that the clearing of the lymphatic system may affect, the intransigence of already acquired calcium spurs should be an excellent, unequivocal and objective test of the processes described. This foundation intends to work toward that end.

Six Week Report (Perry A. Chapdelaine, Sr.)
Tom Gervais administered ten Vodder lymphatic massages and I have used the Light Beam Generator(LBG™) on myself about 20 times, usually over the whole body, but especially spending extra time on the fingers with calcium spurs.

Within the first five massages with the Light Beam Generator(LBG™) , long-standing — six years — tendonitis in the front of the left foot and leg began to disappear, especially after one “structural” massage. As this pain had a tendency to come and go, depending on how much dancing I did, I waited for the six-week report to come to any conclusion. It is obvious that the tendonitis has gone, but that there is still some instability in the foot structure which manifests as slight pain in the foot after two to three hours of vigorous dancing (jitterbug, swing,

Within the first three massages with the Light Beam Generator (LBG™) a small fatty cyst on the left eyelid reduced about 50%, and after the six weeks reported here in does not seem to reduce further, leaving a hardened deposit just beneath the skin by feel.

I am highly allergic to house dust and tobacco and its smoke. Each morning I awaken with a plugged up nose. Each use of the Light Beam Generator (LBG™) opens up my ability to breath.

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Most importantly, the left hand knuckle joint reported as being influenced for more than a year, but solved by 30 minutes use of the light-beam generator on it while in conference at ELF laboratories, is still not inflamed. Over a six week period the finger obviously healed but I was still stiff and I was unable to touch the palm of my hand with the tip of the finger because of fibrogen tissue or fusion (or calcium spurs) at the joint. One day I found the finger joint was again flexible, although the bones at the joint clicked.

Although hand X-rays were made at the beginning of these trials, and they clearly show calcium spurs on the finger bones, there has been no attempt to determine Ca spur changes, if any, at this time.

Overall I feel better each time I use the Light Beam Generator (LBG™).

16 week report (Perry A. Chapdelaine, Sr.)

Speculation: When Ted Rozema, M.D. was told of our trials against calcium spurs with the LBG/Vodder Massage, he mentioned the possibility of using ultrasonic with Chelation therapy. Chelation Therapy is costly and time consuming and also quite slow. Considering the amount of time already expended in the application of the LBG/ Vodder massage on me, and the extremely small visible effect on calcium spurs, and also Courtland Reeves’ belief, not yet substantiated, that the LBG will improve blood flow by reducing plaques (which are tied up by calcium) – essentially doing the same thing that Chelation Therapy does — I had begun to look around for a small ultra- sonic device that I could use in conjunction with the LBG.

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Although I’m interested in all aspects of the LBG, and ELF’s other research and devices, my immediate concern has been whether or not Rena Davis’ statements, in Goldberg’s Alternative Medicines, were true, regarding the LBG/Vodder Massage reducing calcium spurs. There are possibly 53,000,000 Americans suffering from this problem in one degree or another. As I have calcium spurs that have begun to interfere with my typing, hence my work, I had X-rays made to serve as a base-line for decrease, if any, when using the LBG.

According to Rena Davis, I would need 2 to 3 LBG/massages per week for four months, and on that basis, and a presumed agreement with Tom Gervais, we funded Gervais’ training with Sky David.

I have since received considerably less than an average of 2 treatments per week and therefore the test must be judged as totally inconclusive to date. Tom Gervais has dropped out of the test program as my masseur, and so, to complete the test of Rena Davis’ allegation, we need to find another masseur for myself.

Meanwhile Tom Gervais has also used the LBG on several other people, including himself, and with what results I am only partially clear, except that I know that none of the m received as many treatments as I have.

However, all is not lost, as I have also, when possible, used the LBG on myself, usually in the morning and in the evening, and have discovered some of its properties in relationship to my own physical condition. What follows is based strictly on my own results.

I had the understanding that it would take 2 to 3 treatments per week for 4 months to learn if Rena Davis was correct, that calcium spurs would reduce if accompanied with the proper diet. That frequency of treatments has not yet been available to me, nor has Rena Davis provided us with her “proper” diet.

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  1. When I began the first use of the LBG, in Elf’s office, I had persistent inflammation in left finger 4 at the joint between the Metacarpal and 1st Proximal Phalanges for more than 2 years. I visited two holistic physicians that I deeply respect and I allopathic physician, to achieve no relief during that more than 2 year period. Within 20 minutes of use of the LBG in your office the inflammation and pain totally disappeared and has continued to be free of pain for the past months. From the X-rays, and coupled with this joint inflammation, are what appears to be six calcium spurs of various sizes surrounding the joint at all four ends — 1st proimal phalanges and 2nd middle phalanges — on the finger bone’s sides. From external appearances there seems to be no significant reduction in the calcium spurs to date.
  2. I was about to give up on the calcium spur problem four weeks ago, when suddenly the aforementioned joint began working again. Prior to that time the joint was frozen so that it would not hinge, and suddenly it was free, although the joint bones were obviously clicking. I would suggest that rather than becoming free from reduction in calcium spurs, that fibrogen tissue binding the joint was finally loosed and washed away by the action of the LBG on the lymph system, although this is only speculation and warrants further study.
  3. Simultaneous with the joint inflammation reported above, in finger 4, left hand, was increased generalized pain in all of the fingers, of such severity that I thought my typing days were numbered. I could not type more than about 30 minutes a day without experiencing extreme pain. Over many visits for Scierotherapy I complained to one doctor about my fingers. I had to hire someone to do essential manuscript typing, as I simply could not handle the daily pain. Also, for more than five years I’ve cautioned each lady I danced with to be extremely careful of my fingers, as some of them had a tendency to squeeze hard when responding to my lead. I dance 3 to 4 times per week at heavy, fast, swing dancing. After three of the LBG/Vodder massages, and extra use of the LBG by myself at home, my hands are virtually pain free, and my office production has increased tremendously. I can handle intermittent typing loads up to six hours a day now, limited only by the need to rest the remainder of my body, or to do other related work. I am no longer cautioning the ladies to be careful of my fingers while dancing, although occasionally one will squeeze too hard and hurt, as would be natural for someone with my condition. There is a caution in interpreting described finger relief because I’ve also observed another phenomena which has me somewhat concerned. The morning after dancing for two to four hours my number 4 right hand fingerjoint is stiff on arising in the morning, but after several minutes use of the LBG is flexible again. I’m concerned because there seems to be a biochemical process which partially restores the former condition of joint stiffness (which will surely be followed by inflammation later if permitted to “gel” without LBG usage) after each day’s exercise. I also have a puffiness and slight pain in the 3rd finger, right hand, with some stiffness, that appears to linger and will not reduce with the use of the LBG. As speculation, I’d guess that this phenomena is the start of building additional calcium spurs. This implies that the LBG is treating the symptom of the problem and not the cause of the problem, if true.

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  4. For six years I’ve also had tendonitis on the left leg running up and down the anterior portion. This, I believe, has also been from excessive dancing. After two LBG/Vodder massages, this tendonitis totally disappeared. There is remaining, however, tendonitis between the 1 and 2 Metatarsals, and a little higher. After a vigorous dance period of, say, 3 to 4 hours, there may be some pain in the Cuboid region, but almost always pain in the lower extremities. Use of the LBG eases these pains, but they return again after the next dance period, indicating structural instability that probably needs handled by Scierotherapy.
  5. Part of the above described tendonitis is apparently related to the L5 lumber region, and that problem seems to be structural. There is a tender spot from time to time at L5, and subjectively that seems to extend across the buttocks, around to the anterior portion of my thigh, and downward to the apparent source of the pain as described in my left foot above. If so, then the LBG can do nothing further for it than give temporary relief.
  6. A small fatty cyst on my left eyelid reduced about 50% with the use of the LBG, but it obviously filled again when the LBG is not applied to it daily. This problem was eventually solved by the external application of DMSO twice daily for three days, the LBG effects being the clue that led to the solution.
  7. As reported earlier, I am highly allergic to house dust and tobacco and its smoke. Each morning I awaken with plugged up nose. The use of the LBG for a few minutes allows me to breath again.
  8. There is a general feeling of wellness each time the LBG is used, and I have for several weeks used it in the morning and in the evening of each day. Slight pains and bruises lessen or go away with its use, and some “heaviness” or fatigue also goes. We are subject to a blizzard of ticks each spring, and they are unavoidable if one walks beneath trees or through grass. I tried the LBG on one tick spot, about 3 inches of red welt from an allergy reaction to their venom, and the frantic itching went away in just minutes.
  9. As I have never been sick during our possession of the LBG I cannot report on its effect for any kind of sickness.
  10. I had a moderate prostate problem which seems to have declined about 15%.
  11. My libido has also increased, possibly a condition that accompanies decrease in pain.
  12. Fingernail ridges and white spots often accompany arthritis problems and old age. While the ridges have not receded on my fingernails, the white spots are growing outward, 3/16″ in three months usage of the LBG.

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Three Month Report from N.H.

Subject had long-standing, painful fascitis on the bottom of one foot. She taped the Light Beam Generator (LBG™) to her foot for several hours, while asleep, and on arising the next morning reported that she still had pain in that foot. This report normally would indicate that the foot pain had been misdiagnosed, and probably resulted from a trapped nerve. However, three months later, after returning from a long-vacation, she reported that she’d forgotten about the pain in her foot, and found that she no longer had it, and couldn’t remember when it had disappeared. She furthermore could not remember having reported that she still had the pain after having used the Light Beam Generator (LBG™).

Report from

Three-Month Report: Tom Gervais

(This certified therapist was for the first time using the Light Beam Generator (LBG™), and also did not allow sufficient time for either (1) application of the Light Beam Generator (LBG™), or (2) between it’s use and observation of the subject, according to an experienced therapist.)

Name & address: Fred B. Nashville, TN.

  • Date and length of session: 3/4/94; 90 min.
  • Indications: Recurring prostate problem; carpal/metacarpal arthritis in rt. hand.
  • Contraindications: Hiatal hernia
  • Procedure: I administered Lymph Detox just for the prostate – i.e. working the Terminus, cisterna chyli, and both inguinals. (He additionally used the LBG on the back of his rt. hand.)
  • Results: His inguinal nodes shrank in size by the end of the session.
  • Follow up: The next day, his rt. hand hurt less than it had before.
    And he had No Observable Improvement (NOI) in his prostate.
  • Date and length of session: 3/10/94; 90 min.
  • Indications: Swollen dorsal aspect of rt. hand.
  • Procedure: I focused on his rt. arm, and focused on the prostate, Lymph Detox (i.e. working everything “downstream” from these areas).
  • Results: His right auxiliary, rt. inguinal, and left inguinal nodes diminished in size by the end of the session.
  • Follow up: The next day, the swelling in his right hand had subsided some. And he had NOI in his prostate.
  • Comments: Due to scheduling difficulties between LBG availability, my schedule, and Fred’s schedule, my work with him is likely going to end.

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Name & address: Monty J., Nashville, TN.

  • Date and length of session: 2/28/94; 60 min.
  • Indications: Rt. shoulder dislocated during 1992, with subsequent surgery, torn and hyper-extended ligaments/tendons, and chronic pain. Also, intermittent prostate troubles.
  • Contraindications: Chronically impaired circulation in whole body, but esp. in rt. arm and left leg. And varicose veins in left leg.
  • Procedure: I applied Lymph Detox to his rt. shoulder – i.e. Terminus, axillary nodes, and rt. shoulder region.
  • Results: None noticed at the time.
  • Follow up:The next day, he found that both the chronic dull pain present in his rt. shoulder was reduced, and the range of motion in upwardly elevating his rt. arm was markedly increased.
  • Date and length of session: 3/7/94; 60 min
  • Indications:Connective tissue damage in his rt. shoulder.
  • Procedure: I extended my Lymph Detox work to include his neck and right arm.
  • Results: None noticed at the time.
  • Comments/Follow up: The next day he reported having had severe chills/hot flashes for 3 hours during the night. this scared him, as he is elderly and desires to avoid such events. But his rt. shoulder definitely has greater range of motion, and it had less pain on the day after the session than it did the day before.

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  • Date and length of session: 3/14/94; 30 min.
  • Indications:Connective tissue damage in his right shoulder.
  • Procedure: I cut back my scope, to apply Lymph Detox only to his Terminus, right axilla, and rt. shoulder.
  • Results: None noticed at the time.
  • Comments/Follow up: The next day, he had no apparent effects, except a headache. He has decided, however, to cease his Lymph Detox sessions, because he’s afraid of the adverse side effects. I attribute the latter to stored wastes being dumped into the blood, as a consequence of suddenly improving blood circulation in a body having had poor circulation (as the norm) during the last several years.



Name & address: Tom G.,. Nashville, TN.

  • Date and length of session: 2/14/94; 60 min.
  • Indications: Dry cough; large cyst (I in. x 3/4 in.) located on posterior medial side of left knee.
  • Contraindications: None.
  • Procedure: I applied Lymph Detox to his Terminus, neck, face, cistema chyli, both inguinals, and posterior left knee/cyst.
  • Results: Sinuses began to congest, then drain, immediately. His dry cough became worse. The cyst diminished in size and density.
  • Follow up:He reported that his sinuses ran for 6 hours afterward. Also, the cyst resumed its previous (i.e. original) size, on the following day.
  • Date and length of session: 2/17/94; 90 min.
  • Indications: Dry cough; large cyst (I in. x 3/4 in.) located on posterior medial side of left knee.
  • Indications: Cyst on left knee; cutaneous scar tissue on rt. palm.
  • Procedure:I applied Lymph Detox to everything “downstream from, and including, his rt. hand and left knee.
  • Results: Cyst size diminished.
  • Follow up:He reported that his sinuses ran for 6 hours afterward. Also, the cyst resumed its previous (i.e. original) size, on the following day.

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  • Date and length of session: 2/19/94; 90 min.
  • Indications: Cyst on left knee; scar tissue on rt. palm.
  • Procedure:I applied Lymph Detox to everything “downstream” from, and including, his rt. hand and left knee.
  • Results: Cyst size diminished.
  • Follow up:Cyst size returned to original size, the next day.
  • Date and length of session: 2/26/94; 90min..
  • Indications: Cyst on left knee; scar tissue on rt. palm..
  • Procedure: I administered Lymph Detox to everything “downstream” from, and including, his rt. hand and left knee.
  • Results: Cyst decreased in size.
  • Follow up: Cyst resumed original size, the next day.
  • Date and length of session: 3/9/94; 180 min..
  • Indications: : Enlarged axillary and inguinal nodes; cyst on left knee.
  • Procedure: I used Lymph Detox on his Terminus, axilia, cistema chyli, and inguinals.
  • Results: Left inguinal nodes lessened in size.
  • Follow up: The next day, the size of both axillary lymph nodes had diminished in size; both inguinal nodes had their original enlarged size, as did the cyst.
  • Date and length of session: 3/11/94; 90 min.
  • Indications: Enlarged inguinal nodes; cyst on left knee.
  • Procedure: I applied Lymph Detox to his Terminus, cisterna chyli, inguinal nodes, and cyst.
  • Results: His inguinal nodes shrank in size.
  • Follow up: The next day, his inguinal nodes had resumed their original size; there was no change in the cyst size.

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  • Date and length of session: 3/19/94; 60 min..
  • Indications:Enlarged inguinal nodes; cyst on left knee
  • Procedure: I worked Lymph Detox on his Terminus, cisterna chyli, and both inguinal nodes.
  • Results: His inguinal nodes decreased in size.
  • Follow up: His inguinal nodes resumed their original size the next day; and there was no change in the original cyst size.
  • Date and length of session: 3/26/94; 60 min.
  • Indications:Enlarged inguinal nodes; cyst on left knee.
  • Procedure:I administered Lymph Detox on his Terminus, cistema chyli, and both inguinal nodes.
  • Results: His inguinal nodes decreased in size.
  • Follow up: His inguinal nodes returned to their original size on the following day; his cyst remained unchanged.
  • Date and length of session: 4/6/94; 60 min.
  • Indications:Enlarged inguinal nodes; cyst on left knee.
  • Procedure: I applied Lymph Detox on his Terminus, cisterna chyli, and both inguinal nodes.
  • Results: His inguinal nodes decreased in size.
  • Follow up: His inguinal nodes returned to their original size the next day; his cyst remained unchanged.
  • Date and length of session: 5/10/94; 90 min.
  • Indications: Sore throat and dry cough.
  • Procedure: I used Lymph Detox on histerminus, neck and lungs.
  • Results: None noticed at the time.
  • Follow up: No observable improvement the next day. Comments: Perhaps my approach is wrong, but Lymph Detox apparently does not help eliminate his cyst. And it certainly does not help with a dry cough.

Report from Therapist, a Registered Nurse Standard Care plus LBG

  1. Subject is female
    Assessment: Tammy is a patient who has been diagnosed as having a rare arthritic disease called Sjrogen’s Disease. Her symptoms at the time of treatment were dry eyes, puffy cheeks, and no salivary juices when eating.

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    Treatment: I treated Tammy two times a week for approximately four months with the LBG. We both noticed improvement after four treatments. In one month’s time she only needed to use her eye drops once a day instead of 4 to 6 times a day.She started to produce salivary juices when eating and at the end of the four months, her cheeks were almost down to normal. I got scared over our success and stopped treatment. About a month later all her old symptoms recurred and the patient had to go on steroids.

  2. Subject is female
    Assessment: Maria came for treatment because she had a pea-size cyst in her left breast. After only one LBG treatment the cyst was gone.
  3. Subject is female
    Assessment: Eileen received post-O.R. treatment after having surgery on an Achilles tendon tear and ultra sound was not helping reduce her swollen ankle.

    Treatment: I treated the patient with the LBG. After the first treatment her ankle reduced in size by I- 1/2 inches. After the second session, the swelling reduced I inch down to normal. Patient returned the following week, but the ankle remained normal and did not retain any new fluid. Patient did not need another treatment.

  4. Subjects with Sinus Headaches
    I treated several patients with sinus headaches. The LBG appears to relieve the symptoms and pressure. I had several people (during high allergy season) coming once a week for maintenance and prevention.

  5. Subjects with Allergies
    I treated many people with nondescript allergies. Their treatment consisted of a treatment over the main terminals, neck, face and sinuses, along with treatment over the intestinal area. With each patient the symptoms were relieved or disappeared entirely.

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  6. Subjects with Low Back Pain
    I treated several men and women with low back pain. I can’t Remember how many treatments or time-frame, however, all had relief and most experienced a total recovery. Several men did comment on what they considered a good side effect of the LBG treatment. They noticed an ease and sustainment of an erection when engaging in sex. In treating the low back I first cleared the abdominal and groin terminals.

  7. Subjects with Neck Pain
    I treated several people with severe neck pain. I treated most people in the acute stage two times a week for about one month. The symptoms were relieved usually in that time-frame.

  8. Subjects with P.M.S
    I treated many women with P.M.S. and found that initially one treatment a week relieved the bloating and irritability and then I cut down the treatments to once or twice a month. Patients noticed less cramping and a slower flow during their menstruation.

  9. Subject with MeMe
    Patient had recurring ear infections which medication was not helping. She was retaining fluid in her ear and in her face in front of her ear. I treated the patient for three weeks. The swelling in her face disappeared and the fluid in her ear drained.

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  10. Subject is female
    Poly is a patient whose body was retaining fluid due to a leaking silicon breast implant. Her face, neck and breast area was especially engorged. After four treatments there was a noticeable improvement and a large reduction of fluid retention.
  11. Subject is female
    Kay first visited me on January 28 complaining of neck problems and gastric problems. Right main terminal moderately congested, left terminal slightly congested. Sides of neck congested more on right side. Abdominal and groin terminals moderately congested. Treated main terminal, ear and temporal, neck, shoulder, chest, abdominal and groin terminal. Spent time over the intestinal area.

    January 30, left moderately congested, right slightly congested, large congested area over tail bone. Patient stated she had congestion in sinuses and nose the past week due to the weather. Patient stated stomach/intestinal problems appeared better. One-hour treatment on main terminals, neck, ear and temporal terminals, sinuses, abdominal, chest and groin terminals. Spent a lot of time in the first and second body energy point (chakra) area. Ran the probe up and down along the spine. Treated tail bone area, appears greatly congested.

    March 12, main right moderately congested, left slight to moderate, arm terminal moderately congested, sinuses and neck congested. 1-1/2 hour treatment. Treated main, neck, ear and temporal terminals, shoulder and scapula over congestion. Treated solar plexus-abdomen. Ran energy to balance body energy points (chakras), heart chakra congested.

    March 19, right terminal greatly congested (closer to armpit), left terminal moderately congested, behind neck greatly congested. 1- 1/2 hour treatment. Treated main, neck, ear and temporal terminals, shoulder and scapula over congestion. Treated solar plexus-abdomen. Patient stated she is getting some relief from her sinus problem.

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  12. Subject is male
    Tom first visited me on January 23 complaining of jaw and gastric problems. Noted that both car terminals were moderately congested, more on right than left. Treated main terminals, ear and temporal, neck, shoulder and scapula, chest and abdominal terminals, treated intestinal area.

    January 30, main right moderately congested, left ear moderately congested, right ear mildly congested, sinus problems. Patient stated he felt euphoric all week. Neck still remains congested. Treated main terminals, neck sides and back, ear, temporal and sinus terminals. Treated shoulders and length of spine. Treated chest, stomach and groin area. After treatment noticed left ear terminal down to normal with right greatly reduced.

    February 5, main right moderately congested, left ear terminal moderately congested, right ear terminal slightly congested, sinus problems. Patient stated he still felt euphoric and centered all week, however, he did notice sinus problems. Eating habits are changing and patient is clearer when he treats patients. Treatment one hour treating main, neck, right, left, ear and temporal terminals, shoulder, solar and abdominal terminals.

    February 12, main right terminal slightly congested; however, both ear terminals and congestion in the cheek area are now normal. Patient stated that he still feels the centering benefits of the LBG. His head feels clearer but he still has sinus congestion. Treated main, ear and temporal terminals, neck, shoulder, scapula, solar plexus and abdominal terminals.

  13. Subject is female
    Eileen, 48, first came to me January 23 with large fibroids. Palpated large mass in right lower quadrant about 7 cm long. Patient stated she is seeing another doctor on Wednesday and I advised her to try the LBG for several weeks and if no obvious benefits go back to her physician for conventional treatment. Treated main terminal, chest, abdominal and groin terminals and spent the majority of time over the mass. Patient called and stated that the next day she experienced a vaginal discharge, reddish in color with a bad odor. Patient stated that the discharge lasted on and off for about a week.

    January 29, patient’s abdomen was moderately congested and softer than last week. Patient stated that the discharge was from a lost tampax and her doctor stated that she could continue treatment.

    February 5, patient stated that she felt centered and calm all week. Abdomen remains the same. Treated main terminals, solar plexus, abdominal and groin terminals. Spent most time over the right lower quadrant where most of the fibroids are.

    February 12, patient stated that she still felt centered and calm all week. She also stated that she had her period and it was the first time in years she had not experienced pain and fatigue. Treated main terminals, solar plexus, abdominal and groin terminals. Spent the majority of time over the right and left lower quadrant.
    March 12, patient stated she felt tired and irritable and refused to allow me to palpate fibroids. Treatment was one hour, same as above. Ran energy on body energy points (chakras). After treatment patient stated she felt much better.

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    March 19, patient appeared better with more energy, however, she stated she had a bad week and did not want to discuss it. She also stated that she was not coming for treatment [with) the expectation of decreasing her fibroid. She feels the treatments have helped her periods, water retention and intestinal problems. Treatment was one hour and did energy work.

  14. Subject is female
    Phoenix first came to see me March 9th. She has had a large cyst on her left breast for one year and has been seen by several doctors. She stated that at this time she does not want surgery. I agreed to treat her several times and advised her that if we did not notice any change she should go and get treated with conventional medicine. Lump on left breast measured 5 cm X 5-1/2 cm, was hard and had many pointed palpations. One-hour treatment of main terminals (right then auxiliary left side) and breast area.

    March 11, the lump was noticeably changed. The tissue felt softer and the lump over-all appears much smaller, 4 cm X 3-1/2 cm. surrounding area moderately congested. Patient noticed a marked improvement and a reduction in size.

    March 16, the size, shape and texture has changed considerably. Instead of a whole, rounded cyst, the cyst now has peaks and valleys. The consistency is overall softer, the size appears smaller. There is a fingers-width now between the lump and the nipple.

    March 18, the shape and texture has changed slightly. It appears flatter and smaller in depth. There now is a finger and 1/2 width between the nipple and the cyst. Treatment was I- 1/2 hour.

Report from Therapist Operating a Small Healing Business

Subject: Gail S.- She came with open lesions on her hands, arms, legs and back. I ran the LBG all over her body for I hour once a week for 10 to 12 weeks. Using the LBG once a week the lesions healed.

Subject: Betty P. — She came with tendons and ligaments strained in her knee. I used the LBG for 20 minutes and she was amazed at the improvement. She came back for two more visits each a week apart.

Subject: Cindy B. — She came with a broken toe. She used the LBG for about 20 minutes on the toe twice about a week apart. It kept the pain and swelling down.

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Subject: Cindy P. — She comes for abdominal discomforts, cramps, gas and indigestion. The use of the LBG helps with elimination of her bowels and problems.

Subject: Kim G. — She comes for the LBG to be used on her kidney and bladder areas when she has urinary infections. She gets relief from the pain and discomfort using the LBG 20 minutes once or twice a week.

Subject: Brenda G. — She comes for low back pain discomforts. She uses the LBG 5 to I 0 minutes as needed once every 2 to 4 months. She uses it for tension in the neck and shoulders.

Subject: Mary Ann R. – She was in a terrible car wreck a year ago and is learning how to work and walk again. She uses the LBG for 30 minutes when her muscles are sore and aching. She comes I to 3 times per week.

Subject: Zeneb A. — She comes when her sinuses are in pain. She uses the LGB 30 to 45 minutes on her head for relief.

Subject: Meredith T.S. — She comes when her sinuses are hurting, using the LBG 15 to 20 minutes for relief.

Subject: Marilyn A. — She uses the LBG when her sinuses are bothering her, 15 to 20 minutes once every 5 to 7 months.

Subject Nadine A. -She comes every week or two to use the LBG for an hour all over for her Raynauds Syndrome discomforts and her arthritis.

Subject: Morris W. — He uses it as needed for sore, aching muscles and on his chest and back when having allergy and asthma symptoms.

Subject: Dorothy G. — She uses the LBG for sore, aching muscles; congestion of respiratory system; sprains, strains and swellings; weakness, stiffness, tiredness and restlessness. The LBG “just helps the body return to normal and is great for many discomforts.

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Report from Vodder Trained (MLD) Therapist. Using
Standard Care plus LBG

Note: Each treatment session is I hour. The LBG is used 15 minutes only, always on [lymph] “drains” beginning and at end of treatment. Otherwise, the LBG is used on specific areas and some times used on the whole body. The MLD (Vodder Lymph massage) is always used on the full body.

Case 1: Subject is male, age 83
Complaint: abscess 1″ diameter on left lateral ankle bone, leg to knee, very swollen.
Treatment: use LBG and MLD 10 daily treatments, 15 minutes each. (He was also using an aloe vera ointment.)

Treatment: Tenth day abscess is 1/2 less inflamed. Treatment twice weekly, 15 minutes each, for three weeks. Abscess completely healed.

Case 2: Subject is Female, age 40
Complaint: Sore breast; pain right ovary area. Treatment: Twice a week for four weeks. LBG for 15 minutes and MLD 45 minutes. Subject reports no pain. She comes every week for health maintenance.

Case 3: Subject is Female, age 55
Complaint: Pain in right knee and hip. Treatment: LBG 15 minutes followed by 45 minutes MLD once a week for five weeks. Subject continues to come once a week. Problem returns with lessening severity when she spends 4 to 6 hours driving. Problem can usually be worked out with one treatment.

Case 4: Subject is Male, age 65
Complaint: Pain across lower back and down back of both legs, unable to walk more than a couple of blocks before legs begin to spasm.

Treatment: Three times per week for 3 weeks, 15 minutes LBG followed by 45 minutes MLD. Subject reports pain relief and ability to walk his usual 2 miles with ease.

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Case 5: Subject is Male, age 61
Complaint: (I year after heart surgery) Pain in scar area on chest, feeling of blockage of blood and lymph flow when doing heavy work (gardening, cutting wood, lifting heavy suitcase). Treatment: Two times per week for two weeks then once a week for six weeks, 15 minutes LBG followed by 45 minutes MLD. Subject reports ability to function pain free

Summary: After two years of weekly treatment he seems to be just fine except after a 3 or 4 week trip to far away places. Pain does work out with one or two treatments.

Report by Registered and Master Physical TherapistTherapist uses “Standard Care” plus LBG

History from recorded tai)ed interview with patient: Fever developed on December 1, 1990. On January 10, 1991, diagnosed Lymphocytic Leukemia. (No other symptoms, energy was very good when the fever went away that lasted only 8 days, and she had never been sick before in her life).

Treatment began immediately on diagnosis: At University of New Mexico Hospital, 6 months of chemo via catheter in chest, bone marrow aspiration every other week since in sternum, once a month spinal tap with methotrexate injected into the spine. A total of a 3-1/2 year protocol was prescribed. Induction therapy to get the body into remission the consolidation of 5 months, “and I stopped at the end of the consolidation and did not continue.”

Stopped in May, 1991, and was then in remission for 18 months. The first sign of relapse in July of ’92 with tingle on forehead that moved down face until right side of face was numb, to under cheek bone. In August started feeling very low energy and on September 25, 1992, blood test showed that blast cells had returned. Lumps started forming first on the right side of the jaw, then on the right temple, then on the left jaw, then on the left neck. Tried 32 different types of alternative therapies to avoid chemo, but the lymphatic system was out of control and “I began fluid in my lung on the right side” Lymph nodes were closing the trachea and the left ear. January ’93 to emergency room because “I couldn’t breath.”

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The paratracheal and the tracheobronchial had closed the air passage down to 2mm. from the normal 36mm. They immediately started decadrone so that the trachea would open up. Upon which started a protocol called “V.A.D… (vincrestine, adreamiasine & decadrone). This was done once a week for a month. In Februay ’93 I went to UCLA about a bone marrow transplant and decided against it. At the end of February started the protocol that I did use for 11 months (5 days straight, once a month in the hospital: 36 hour infusion of methotrexate with 5 other chemo drugs administered at the same time, and the last two days with two other drugs including steroids.) Spinal taps were done once a month. In April of ”93 they did a bone marrow aspiration and I was in remission. I continued the protocol until November ’93.

Note # I: This was a very strong chemo protocol and past this point Lana would not have the option of doing chemo again if she were to relapse.

One month after the end of the above protocol, in December ’93: Hard swelling first in right jaw, then right temple, then left jaw, then left temple, blockage of left ear, tightness in jaw, loss of taste buds on right side, all developing over a 2 month period. The after-effects of the chemotherapy were playing out in her body. In February ’94 I met Lana at the “Future Medicine” Conference in Aspen. Lana called and set up an appointment to start lymph therapy on Monday, February 14. She called back on Saturday the 12th saying that the symptoms were getting worse by the hour, so I began therapy on Sunday morning February 13.

Treatment One 2.13.94: Assessment: Note that all symptoms are in the upper body, mostly in the face, neck and upper chest.

Left side: (Using a density scale of I to 10 with 10 being as hard as bone and I being normal): Forehead above temple 1/2″ diameter, swelling, density 8; Ear totally blocked below ear surrounding the Jugulodigastric Lymph Node swelling, density 4; jaw line directly over bone, density 6; swelling (polyp) on inside of lower lip, 1-1/2″ diameter swelling on side of neck at the Intercalated Lymph Node, density 9; Anterior Superficial Cervical Lymph Nodes density 2.5. All of the above swellings are immobile being firmly attached to connective tissue or bone. Red spots on the skin of left arm. (Note that her hair was just starting to grow back on her head). Axillary Nodes under left arm density 7.5.

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Right Side: On forehead above temple, 2″ diameter swelling, density 10; swelling along entire jaw line, density 10 with a yellow discoloration extending up into the cheek; swelling of Jugulodigastric Lymph Node, density 6 extending down the Internal Jugular chain of lymph nodes into the Anterior Superficial Cervical Lymph nodes all with a density of 2.5. Right Axillary is density 4. There are red spots along the right arm. Scar where the catheter entered the arm. There were no other symptoms except red spots on the legs; therefore the treatment began on the upper body only.

Treatment: Using the LBG directly on the entire neck area for 15 minutes emphasis on pointing directly at Thoracic duct, and all of the lymph node groups shown in yellow in Figure 1, IA (refer to figures for exact locations of treatment areas). Upon completion with the LBG, I did 15 minutes of manual lymph drainage doing the Vodder sequence for the neck to open the lymph vessels, draining the nodes and interstitial oedema in the area.

Next was the placement of the LBG directly on the swellings for 5 minutes on each swelling. Then I used Foldi technique lymph therapy directly on these spots (neck area only) to break apart the fibroid mass of cross-linked proteins and to separate these masses from their “masting” Or hold onto the connective tissue and bone.

Next came treatment of the Axillary Lymph Node group (see Figure 2). Patients arm Testing above head, LBG in local area 5 minutes then 3 minutes of manual therapy to drain the lymph of the arm and lateral half of the mammary gland (see Figure 3). First the right side, then the LBG was used directly on the arm holding it over the red spots on the skin. This sequence was repeated on the left arm.

The treatment then moved to the face: Standing behind the patient’s head and used the LBG over the entire face and over the neck and thoracic duct areas again for 15 minutes. I then did the Vodder sequence for the face for 15 minutes. Then I placed the LBG directly on the swellings for 5 minutes each. Then, using the Foldi technique to release the fibroid mass. I also did some P.T. on the jaw because Lana could barely open her mouth when she came in.

This completed treatment one, which took 2 hours and 30 minutes.

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Lana called me the next day because of dramatic improvement. She arranged for me to bring the LBG to the office of Dr. Mai Ting, M.D., after Dr. Ting examined her and saw such improvement. Dr. Ting was very impressed with the LBG and wrote a prescription so that Lana could see me three times a week on a long term basis, with Dr. Ting monitoring via blood tests.

Treatment Two. 2.16.84: Assessment: Swelling on right temple decreased in size and density; right jaw improvement; more range of motion in neck; left side of face slight improvement. Treatment: same as treatment one with more emphasis on therapy directly on swellings.

Treatment Three. 2.19.94
Assessment: Right side of face slight movement down; right side of jaw site of swelling down but density increased to 10, pain to touch. Left side, could hear for five hours after last treatment, but lack of hearing returned; swelling on neck was painful after last treatment, but site went down and it had released from the connective tissue; discoloration (yellow-green) almost totally gone on left jaw. Lana was experiencing aching in lower back and right arm where chemo was administered and was in extreme tiredness. Treatment: was the same as in session two, along with treatment of lower back, especially over quadratus lumborum to support the kidneys.

Treatment Four. 2.21.94:
Assessment: Red spots on both arms much improved; Energy was excellent after last treatment, for 36 hours, but then dropped by the time of this treatment; ache in lower back better. Left side, swelling on jaw got bigger, swelling on neck at intercalated node (see Figure one), much better mobility, more puffy and less density.

Treatment Five. 2.25.94
Assessment: Lana had intramuscular injection of the Dr. Koch formula a day before this treatment. She was aching all over with pain in upper back, intense pain in right thoracic duct over to parasternal nodes. Mandibular nodes swollen more, but softer. Improvement in heading.

Treatment: same as before, with emphasis on back and right thoracic duct. There was immediate relief to back pain during this treatment.

Treatment Six. 2.27.94
Assessment: Relief of pain in right thoracic duct, but more puffiness in arm; left ear waters at night and cannot close left eye; energy much improved and relief of overall ache.

Treatment: same as before with emphasis on liver and kidney areas to detox.

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Treatment Seven. 3.2.94 Assessment: There is extreme tightness in neck and shoulders; puffy oedema in neck and shoulders. But all swellings on neck and face are softer, hearing is better and no pain in chest. (Note pain in chest was at point near right thoracic duct where the chemo tube administered the chemo drugs.)

Treatment: same with emphasis on soft tissue oedema in neck and shoulder area.

Treatment Eight. 3.4.94
Assessment: Immediately following last treatment, pain in right shoulder, but completely gone the next day; jaw better, but still hard to open mouth; gradual improvement in hearing; disappearance of red spots on arms.

Treatment: same as last treatment.

Treatment Nine. 3.7.94
Assessment: Lana had a D.M.P.S. injection for heavy metals and a spleen infection (homeopathic) just before this treatment. All swellings on entire right face and neck are down; movement of lump on temple downward. She had a sensation like when the leukemia first started.

Treatment: same with more time spent on left ear blockage.

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Treatment Ten. 3.9.94
Assessment: (Note on 3.8.94 massive detox symptoms, everything swelled up, jaw got worse, she started her period on 3.8.94). Everything is better.

Treatment: is the same with emphasis to relieve soft tissue oedema.

Treatment Eleven. 3.11.94
Assessment: All puffiness went down except inner right jaw, however, jaw opening is better; feeling dizzy.

Treatment: is same. (Note: Lana now went to Los Angeles and spent two weeks without treatment. She came back for treatment on March 28, 1994.)

Treatment Twelve. 3.28.94
Assessment: Lana had relapsed as the lumps were back to where they were when she started treatment and the Jugulodigastric node and external jugular nodes (both sides) were very swollen, density 6; jaw very tight and offset. But all of the red spots on her arm had totally disappeared (note that the ones on her legs that were not treated were still there). Because of this Dr. Ting had a new blood test done. Up to this time there were no blast cells showing up, indicating that the leukemia was in remission; however, I suspected that it was never in remission.

Treatment Thirteen. 3.30.94
Assessment: Much immediate improvement every where as swellings all went back to the state they were in before she went to Los Angeles; jaw much, much better and in perfect alignment; but very low energy.

Treatment: did not use LBG but loaned Lana my Sound Probe’ to use over spleen at night.

Treatment Fourteen. 4.1.94
Assessment: Much improvement overall, responded very well to Sound Probe’; energy was excellent, she was feeling normal (in only one week after relapsing in L.A.), however, blood tests showed blast cells. Oncologist recommended bone marrow transplant. Lana chose not to have it (involves at least six months in hospital and is only about 30% effective). Lana investigated a special vaccine developed by a doctor administered in Mexico. Lana made the choice to go to Mexico. As she was going to Mexico on the 4th, she was feeling and looking great and planned to continue LBG therapy upon return. I just called (May 5th) and found out that Lana is responding very well to the treatment in Mexico, she is in remission, and looks forward to continued support of her lymph system when she gets back.

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Report From Licensed Massage Therapist

Subiect: Race Horse Assessment: At a horse ranch in So. California a race horse was lame due to shin bucking. It was a severe case. Swelling in the shins was 3″ out or more, full length from knee to ankle. The general agreement was that the horse would not be able to run again that season, with a question that he would EVER be able to race again.

Treatment: An Elf Laboratories Sound Probe’ was strapped to his back and the LBG was applied to his shins twice a day for I hour each session. This treatment was continued for two weeks each day. At the end of the two weeks the horse was returned to the trainer, tested and found to be totally sound. The horse has run the full season with no ill effects from the treatment.

The trainer’s comment was, “I don’t know what you’ve done, but keep up the good work, this is great!”

Subject: Race Horse Assessment: Another horse was brought to us with an extremely swollen lower jaw and was found to have severe infection known as strangles. A large pustule had formed under the jaw and was full of infection.

Treatment: The LBG was applied and the horse readily accepted the comfort it apparently created. Within I 0 minutes of treatment the pustule had broken open and drained profusely. Treatment continued for approximately I hour then bag balm salve was applied to the lesion.

LBG treatment continued for three days and the pustule and soreness had completely healed. This is a severely contagious disease so all horses at the ranch received a one hour LBG treatment. There was no spreading of the condition. In some areas where power was not available a small electrical generator (I 50OKW) was used and worked very well.

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Report by Medical Doctor on Personal Usage.

“Standard Care” plus LBG

I have had a long standing history of connective tissue disease, fatigue and body aches. Part of these were due to the disease itself, part to physical irritation from doing massage therapy. One of the most severe pains was an intermittent nerve root pain in the lower intercostals nerves on the left side. For three and a half years prior to my encounter with the LBG, I had dealt with these issues with not too much success, despite traditional and holistic approaches. I had some major surgery in June 1993 to repair perforated diverticulitis, which had improved my abdominal pains and the searing, burning phase of the rib pains, but herpetic neuralgia on the left.

While visiting in New Zealand and Australia, I had the opportunity of meeting many naturopaths. In New Zealand my wonderful hosts, Neil and Winn Maxwell, showed me a piece of equipment and placed it on me for a few minutes before leaving for the airport. Since I was worried about getting there on time, I placed little attention to the procedure, but felt surprisingly improved during my very enjoyable Quantas flight to Australia. Once there I busied myself with visiting, lecturing, dealing with the pollutants in Sydney, and tolerating my usual post herpetic neuralgia and multiple aches.

I had two hosts, one male and one female, both of them naturopaths.

The gentleman had a history of chronic fatigue, I heard. During our travels he kept mumbling something about needing to be worked on with “the machine.” He carried a black suitcase with him almost everywhere he went, which he watched very carefully, so I wondered what strange things he might carry in it.

When we arrived in Brisbane, I heard him say that he had to have treatment immediately. At that point, my curiosity got the best of me, and I asked him what he was talking about. He invited me to watch the turning on and off of the machine, gave me a brief introduction to its use, and agreed to loan it to me after he was through with his treatment. I then used it for about 20 minutes and I felt wonderfully relaxed. I thought no more about it, and the next morning decided to go to the banks of the river and find a tour on the river. The hotel employees let me know it was not too far, just about a 15 minute walk away. Normally, this would have been an instant invitation to flag down a cab, but I felt good enough to decide: “I will walk until I get tired, then I’ll get a cab.” I got a little tired, but never enough to call a cab. I walked up and down the banks of the river, and up and down some flights of steps, and after a wonderful tour, eventually back to the hotel. I must have done three miles, which was more than I had walked in four years. I could have cried and shouted with joy!

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Improvement has been steady since, and would be permanent, I believe, if I would not be re-injuring my arms and legs by doing massages. The intercostal neuralgia has stayed away, occasional twinges are rapidly correctable with a brief application of the LBG. The effect on energy levels continues to be highly efficacious.

We have used it on other individuals, with symptoms ranging from fatigue to intercostal neuraigias, and the results are equally excellent. We live in San Antonio, ALLERGY CITY! My boyfriend Mike suffers from occasional severe sinus problems. When an allergy attack strikes, his paranasal and frontal areas hurt so much he cannot cross his eyes, even focus, at times, due to pain. Ten minutes with the LBG and the pain is gone! I highly recommend this wonderful device for all types of relaxation and self-help uses, it is the best health investment I have made.

ELF Laboratory Employee

Subject was advised to get root canal for toothache and infection. Protocol used by subject: Fax to Dr. Edward Arana, American Academy Biological Dentistry, P.O. Box 856, Carmel Valley, CA 93924:

On April 19th, I suffered severe pain in my right lower jaw as a result of a problem with a tooth. The radiating pain was so intense, that it radiated from my jaw to my ear, to the top of my forehead and down to my collarbone.

My dentist is in Maryland and I did not know any other dentist in the area [Indiana]. As a result, I had to stop the pain. I used theLight Beam Generator (LBG™), knowing it would release trapped lymph and reasoned the pain was directly related to swollen tissue.

So I performed the following:

  1. I used the LBG and treated the area at the site of pain for 5 minutes. I then began to treat the lymphatic flow pattern from under the jaw down toward the throat to my right subclavian duct (see Exhibit A-2). I found myself placing the LBG for about 5 minutes, at various points and (1) I started at the Parotis (see Exhibit A-1), moved toward the Angulus, then moved outward towards the chin, stopping over the point of pain (right molar) for 3 minutes — this felt so good! This procedure took about 15 minutes; (2) Then I began working under the jaw at the lymph node points and worked this area for about 5 minutes; (3) I then worked down the neck according to arrows on the diagram (A-2) and completed my treatment at the right subclavian duct – left it there for about 3 minutes. I noticed immediate relief with my radiating pain — but the pain was still present.
  2. About 7 hours later, I repeated step 1 above, and the radiating pain was now extremely low — I could now sleep.
  3. I repeated this process the next morning and evening two times and the radiating pain has not returned.

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Subject Fax to Dr. Edward Arana, May 16, 1994: This is subject’s letter reporting on his use of the LBG, in lieu of root canal:

On April 25, you received a FAX regarding my efforts to alleviate radiating tooth pain using the LBG. This is the result of the 10 day follow-up with a local dentist:

  1. Dentist probed all teeth. Dentist found that all physical symptoms indicative of a root canal problem were gone. Dentist suggested that this could have been due to the use of the water jet introduced into the daily cleaning routine.
  2. Dentist palpated and found no lymphatic involvement in jaw area.
  3. A panoramic x-ray was taken. It was then compared to the x- ray performed 10 days prior to this exam. The results showed some unusual improvement at the root of the tooth. Dentist decided, that although the improvement appears normal, the improvement warrants additional study. Dentist desired to have treatment continue for 30 more days — with an evaluation at this time. Review date set at June 2, 1994.

Protocol used:

  1. Use of LBG twice a day, over each tooth pain (about 4) location. When a lymph drainage issue occurred, I worked the nodes as outlined in 25 April Fax, Exhibit A. Time ranged from 5-8 minutes each point.
  2. Use of Sound Probe’ overnight. Sometimes the head of the Sound Probe was held at tooth area; sometimes head was located over the spinal chord C-1 area. This was an attempt to locate an acupuncture point to radiate the Sound Probe energy to both the upper and lower jaw area. Time ranged from 2-6 hours.
  3. Use of water jet before bed, after morning and evening meal; 10 drops of chlorine dioxide, were added to the water jet bank. Chlorine dioxide is an over-the-counter chlorine oxide, noted for its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Time ranged about 5 mintes, two times a day. Sometimes, when food lodged in the cavity and pain became unbearable, I would waterjet and the pain would go away.

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Report by Therapis/Chiropractic Assistant

Casel: Subject is Female: Complaint: Patient complains of Frequent and numerous infections in her chest and areas close to where she had breast implants. She is always sore around the chest and neck area and suffers severe edema in legs and ankles.

Assessment: Nancy is a 41 year old patient who had breast implants in 1988. Within six months after this procedure she felt that the implant ruptured in her left breast and she could actually feel a cool sensation going out around the medial surface of the breast. She felt that what she was feeling was a silicone leakage and not long after that she began to have all kinds of strange neurological and immunological disorders.

Blood studies showed high levels of silicone in her blood. The patient also complains of getting frequent and numerous infections in her chest and areas close to where the silicone [tetramer] leakage was. She is always sore to palpate the tissues around the chest and neck area. She suffered with severe edema in her legs and ankles.

Treatment: The standard care included vitamin supplements, IV drips and the Light Beam Generator (LBG™) Whole Body Treatment for 1 hour, twice a week, for four weeks. Session including clearing around the neck, chest, breast, shoulders, under arms, arms, abdomen, sides of legs, legs and feet. Then turned patient over on belly, and proceeded to clear the back area. After the first treatment she lost six pounds and her ankles and legs reduced in size to normal.

Each succeeding treatment proved to provide additional benefit and the patient is much improved at this time. Patient will continue to receive treatments but her pain and discomfort is greatly reduced.

Case 2: Subject is Male: Complaint: Patient is diagnosed with chronic Hepatitis B. Has been told to go home and die. Assessment: Ryan is a 30 year old patient who has been diagnosed with chronic Hepatitis B and his liver is failing. He has been told to go home and die. He also has Candidiacia. He suffered from acites due to the abnormalities in his liver and spleen. He also suffers from edema in his legs.

Treatment: The standard of care included vitamin supplements, IV drips and we treated him twice a week for one month with the LBG and primarily worked from the waist to the shoulders. Session included clearing around the neck, chest, shoulder, arms, and the waist/ abdomen. I concentrated most of the effort in the patients abdominal area — as this was the site of the critical problem.

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After the first treatment, the patient saw drastic changes with the acites. His energy level is much higher, his liver has grown from the size of a small orange to the size of an open hand. The spleen, which was extremely enlarged, has shrunken greatly and is no longer hard or painful. His ankles no longer swell from the excess acites.

Patient is very excited with the shown improvement and will continue the LBG treatments for as long as it takes.

Case 3: Subject is Female : Complaint: Suffers from severe allergies. Assessment: This 50 year old patient has suffered from severe allergies all of her life and has done all kinds of treatments for this problem. She had severe swelling under her eyes and face and has suffered with much pain and soreness.

Treatment: The standard of care included vitamin supplements, IV drips and we have treated the patient with a Whole Body LBG treatment, for I hour, twice a week, for four weeks. Session included clearing around the neck, chest, breast, shoulders, under arms, arms, abdomen, sides of legs, legs and feet. Then turned patient over on belly, and proceeded to clear the back area over her entire body.

After the first treatment the patient felt relief and the swelling began to decrease. Her energy level has increased greatly. She has had four treatments now and her face is back to normal and her allergies are much improved. She will continue treatment twice a week.

Letter to Stephan Cooter, Ph.D. from Perry A. Chapdelaine Based on an Early Report from Gus J. Prosch, Jr., M.D.

Here’s a new problem for you to untangle! Breast implants have created severe problems for some ladies, as well as manufacturers of silicon implant materials and insurance companies. Recently, I was told, one of the insurance companies asked Charles Farr, M.D.,Ph.D. to set up a series of clinics through alternative physicians to work on solving this problem, as no traditional medicine has any answers.

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Leakage of silicon implant materials creates arthritis-like symptoms, and many other strange and terrible symptoms, literally destroying each person’s life. Farr and others have learned that H2O2 infusions relieves the pain. Gus J.Prosch, Jr.,M.D., on one lady, is using Vodder massage along with our Light Beam Generator (LBG™) and H2O2 infusions, and he has learned that the swelling reduces with the use of Vodder/LBG and the pain with the H2O2 infusions. He called to learn if we had any other reports of like nature. We have had one other without the use of H2O2, infusions, the report coming through Courtland Reeves of ELF Laboratories.

Apparently the leakage of the silicon implant material clogs up the lymph system and this creates a number of other health problems.

There are a large number of questions that need to be addressed:

  1. What is the silicon implant material?
  2. Does it clog up the lymph system by forming poorly bound protein complexes with other bodily fluids/tissues? Lf so, what are their natures?
  3. When the LBG breaks up the clogging, and Vodder Massage moves it along the lymph system, does the kidney get affected?
  4. Would a form of chelation move the silicon materials out faster?
  5. What form of chelation, safe for human infusions, would grab a hold of the silicon materials and assist it to move out of the body faster? We know that EDTA Chelation tackles two valence cations like calcium; desferroxamine tackles trivalent cations like aluminum and iron (and EDTA and desferroxamine can be used together), but what will tackle whatever form the silicon implant material is in once the LBG has dispersed it inside the lymph system? If the outcome of use of the LBG in the lymph system is a pure silicon, it’s valence, like carbon, might make it difficult for chelation. On the other hand, if the outcome is a relatively stable radical, like SiX+, SiX++, then a proper chelating agent may be found.

Tackle these questions, solve them, and you’ll make a huge name for yourself and also possibly get rich from some silicon manufacturer or insurance company.

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1. Burton Goldberg, AlternativeAIedicine: TheDefinitive Guide, The Holistic Book Project, Future Medicine Publishing, Inc., Puyallup, WA , 1993, ISBN 0-9636334-3-0.

2. Sound Probe, according to ELF advertising, is “The latest in the life work of Ed Skillin, pioneer in Energy Science electronics and eolectromagnetics. Using Lakhovsky, Edwards, Rife and Abram’s work, Ed uses sound frequencies that relax his body into a balanced, healthy state. In this state, Ed feels better and finds his body works more efficiently at healing itself.”

Calcium Spur and Tendenitis Report After 6 Months by Perry A. hapdelaine, Sr.

I’ve not been able to utilize the Vodder Massage for ½ a year, but I have been able to use the Light Beam Generator (LBG™) almost daily for a few minutes usually twice a day.

Monday, January 9, 1995, was the first day in more than several years that I’ve been able to close to the palm the finger next to the little one on the left hand.

My experiment during the past six months demonstrates that freeing up the lymph system allows the body to restore itself where calcium spurs interfere with mobility and flexion of a joint.

Virtually all tendonitis is gone in my left foot although I’m still dancing three to four times per week at fast swing dancing.

My fingers are kept flexible enough so that I’m can type once again, and also I’m relearning how to play the piano. I’ve only recently learned that Dr. Ellis solved the problem by heavy use of B,, therapy, which I’ll also try.


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