Is it normal for a client to feel pain or tingling during a treatment?

It is not uncommon for clients who have a blocked node or lymph pathway to feel tingling and some very slight tenderness or pain when the material commences to flow. A slight tingling can be felt at the site of stagnation and in other parts of the body shown to be blocked. This sensation of slight tingling or pain has been found when a client has blockages along the sternum and thoracic duct, but primarily within the parasternal node area.

Palpations on the sternum show extreme metabolic stagnation or accumulated fluid and the client may feel an increase of pressure or slight to moderate pain along the parasternal pathway as fluid moves. When this happens, move one of the heads to the point of discomfort and allow the pain to resolve itself. The discomfort should disappear in about 30 seconds – at which time, continue with the original protocol.

The best way to proceed with a client presenting prior surgical intervention or severe edema is to reduce the session time frame. Do not increase the time frame to normal protocol suggestions until the client can easily process the releasing material. This may occur within the first or succeeding sessions.

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