How the LBG, ST-8, and Action Lymphatics Works

And the Technologies Utilized

  1. Our Frequency Technology excites a mixture of noble gases in the heads of the LBG and ST-8, and the Probes of the Action Lymphatics Mini Series. No alternating current is present to create a high voltage effect which can burn the field and create a shock to the cellular matrix.
  2. ELF Free Standing Wave Coil (Scalar) Technology to move and carry information and energy into the field and cell electrical potential. Because this creates a quantum envelope with the coupled photons that are created and matched in energetic signature, the photons piggyback onto this quantum carrier and move omni-directional into the body and field to carry light and stimulate energetic pathways.
  3. Photons are created by the stimulation and excitation of the gases; and through a mirroring technology, the photons couple to match the quantum event that is moving from the energy of the Scalar ELF Free Standing Wave.
  4. Frequencies are used that are known to change the energetic pattern of virus, fungus, and bacteria in the field, and moves through the body as an energetic resonance to limit and inhibit their development.
  5. Harmonic sweep of all frequencies allowing every cell in the body to be electrically balanced and charged to full capacity and potential, thereby moving stagnant lymph pathways and creating an immunological barrier to disease.
  6. Fast Rise Time Wave Forms that collapse the electromagnetic field, creating a Scalar moment that carries information into the cell. These wave forms also constitute a wide range of harmonics necessary for resonance matching so that each cell can utilize its own frequency modulation required for optimum immune response.
  7. Pulsed frequencies which will not allow body entrainment, but does exhibit all the healing properties of a pulsed electromagnetic field carrier.
    1. Infrared Technology. The warming effect of infrared therapy stimulates metabolism and blood circulation. It also promotes the elimination of such things as poisonous carcinogenic heavy metals, toxic substances from food processing, lactic acid, free fatty acids, and subcutaneous fat associated with aging and fatigue, excess sodium associated with hypertension and uric acid which causes pain.


Additional Trait Found in the ST-8


  1. Pure oxygen transformed into ozone, energized, speeded up, then delivered energetically through the fusion of coupled photons and scalar which are compatible as they are both quantum singularities; and both act as energetic carriers of energy and information into the field and body. With this patent pending technology, the ozone is delivered at an energetic level into the field matching the body impedance for maximum penetration into tissue and organs. However, this technology does not allow the free radicals to move into the physical, but rather bond to the energetic quantum structure that leaves the body and field through the vortex spin in the head itself. This spinning action travels at such high velocity it splits out into concentrated ozone that is measured in the body with an oxymeter as oxygenated tissue, but does not carry the free radical constant because it is at an energetic level of delivery. Only the information required for the cell to thrive is utilized.
  2. Only information and energy is, therefore, delivered into the body creating an atmosphere for the body to heal itself.


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