How does the LBG work?

The LBG combines safe and non-invasive, scalar technology with energy signals to assist the body in its natural process of moving stagnant lymph pathways so the body can maintain a healthy energy level. Proper lymphatic drainage removes debris and proteins from the body to help create a protective barrier to health-related issues. The LBG delivers energy to the body’s cells, actively re-establishing the body’s natural energy process.

Electric signals excite the proprietary blend of noble gases – contained within the heads of the LBG – generating a photon. This photon is a particle of light – an energy packet. Tesla Free Standing Wave Coil (Scalar) technology then generates fast rise time waveforms that interact with the body’s energy to create a scalar moment – a mechanism for transferring data and energy.

Through a mirroring technology, the photons couple to match a quantum event, an envelope generated from energy produced by the scalar waves. This quantum envelope acts as a carrier for the coupled photons enabling them to travel an omni-directional path coupling with the body. Energy then interacts with the body, opening cell-to-cell communication.

As an adjunct method for maintaining wellness, the LBG assists in restoring the cell’s natural energy level; the body then creates healthy cell-to-cell communication to move clumped cells that otherwise burden the lymphatic system and contribute to various chronic issues.

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