Clinical Uses and Philosophical Beliefs about LBG and ST-8 Instruments

by Valerie V. Hunt, Ed.D.Science Ed., Professor Emeritus UCLA

I am a retired University Professor, Department of Physiological Science UCLA, and a registered physical therapist that has continued extensive electronic research of the bioenergy field (human aura). I have also studied the phenomena of LBG and ST-8, and have supervised treatments and observed the clinical changes with the following medical conditions:


After 5 months of daily treatment of a 4+ breast cancer, the lesion was gone and there were no laboratory indication of cancer. LBG/ST-8, diet and meditation were the only treatments.


Macular Degeneration
Improvement in vision without progression of symptoms.

Fungal Toxic Poison of Glands, Organs and Soft Tissue
After 3 months of daily treatment, the fungal symptoms were gone. Lab tests gave no indication of fungus. Physicians had predicted 8 months to a year with detox treatments.

Two months increased control with less medical treatment.

Major Surgical Recovery
1) Extensive automobile accident.
2) Quadruple cardiac bypass.
Unusually rapid and smooth healing of bones, ligaments, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. Beyond surgical expectations. Both patients were so pleased with the results that they purchased an ST-8 for family use.

Health Assurance
Five separate families purchased an LBG/ST-8 for their own personal health assurance. They reported immediate recovery of joint strain and back and limb muscle tensions with decreased fatigue and more stamina. Bacterial infections were cured in a day and viral infections in a matter of hours. Each family member had a weekly schedule for health rejuvenation with the ST-8. They report that there is much less illness and “downtime”. These families all have health insurance policies but the LBG/ST-8 was their Health Assurance policies not covered by insurance.


  1.  Fact: Cell transactions with the outside world are first through the auric field. All stimuli or information heard, seen, and felt – tasted or smelled – reach the body surface through the electromagnetic energy field which surrounds it. The field therefore is the primary place to influence change and improve all information entering the body.  Application: The LBG/ST-8 introduces their unique information directly through the treatment heads to the person’s field for immediate response.
  2. Fact: Each person has his own electromagnetic biofield pattern, or signature. With disease or malfunction the signature changes to an anticoherent, uriflowing energy field that is hyper or hypo activated.
    Application: Over time the biofield will transact with different frequency spectra. The LBG/ST-8 provides all spectra, which are pulsed in delivery. The pulsation keeps the delivery transaction very active and provides the biofield with a wide choice of frequencies to improve any disturbed field.

  3. Fact: The scalar wave is a standing energy created when two exact frequency waves meet at an 1800 straight angle. The scalar standing waves are elegant receptors and carriers of information. Oxygen is the most important element to stimulate all body chemical actions.

    Application: The LBG/ST-8 crates a scalar standing energy at the base of the treatment head. Oxygen is then passed through this scalar energy imbedding information of the electromagnetic pattern of oxygen rather than the molecule of oxygen that we breathe. Next, the standing oxygen laden scalar standing energy rides on the electromagnetic train wave (created by the noble gases) and through the treatment techniques of LBG and ST-8 is directly introduced by the heads to the biofield of the body surface. Because oxygen is a negatively charged ion, it re-synthesizes the positive ions of free radicals minimizing cellular damage and restoring full atoms for future energy use.

  4. Fact: Vigorous life requires electromagnetic energy to activate all chemical capacities. The depleted and contaminated electrical environment we live in does not nourish healthy cellular and glandular activity.

    Application: The LBG/ST-8 with its broad spectrum of electromagnetic energies from activated noble gases gives the purest, cleanest full light spectrum for the body’s use.

  5. Fact: All living bioelectric systems are dynamic. They constantly transact with the environment and fields introduced by instruments. The energy flows inward to activate fluid systems and specialized tissues and organs. A disturbed field of anticoherency, hypo or hyper abundance of total energy or in bodily parts precedes the biochemical and anatomical damage of disease and dysfunction. Application: Treatment by LBG/ST-8 consistently improves the biofield regardless of the diagnosis while activating the body’s natural healing capacities.


For the above facts and their applications, I believe the LBG/ST-8 is the most complete and profoundly effective treatment for stimulating and maintaining health and eliminating disease that exists today.


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