Are there contraindications when using the LBG or ST-8?

As with any externally applied equipment or manual procedure, standard contraindications include:

PREGNANT WOMEN because they may have a random event that could produce premature birth;
Those with a history of EPILEPSY because they may have a random moment that could result in a seizure;
Those with PACEMAKERS or ELECTRICAL IMPLANTS because they could have a random electrical, battery, or mechanical malfunction that could stop their pacemaker;
Those with THROMBOSIS because manual therapy could potentially assist in dislodging a clot creating a medical complication;
In addition, Special Treatment Considerations: Thyroid Hyperactivity (avoid area over thyroid); Asthma (more easily applied during asthma-free times); Abdominal treatment during menstruation can produce increased menstrual flow, but no harm is indicated.

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